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LW3794 - Original Living Room Furniture, Harry Carey Adobe.

Film: SCV Historical Society's Locomotive No. 1629 Under Steam in "Pardners" (Paramount 1956).

LW3793 - Bermite Predecessor: (James) Jeffries & Kipper Billiard Parlor: Good-For Token, 1907-1910.

LW3792 - Fred R. Wilson: Face Pot, Raku Process, 2001.

Photo Gallery: Eagle Scout Thanked for Installing Flagpole from Saugus Rehab • The Signal, 12-15-1985 (Event).

LW3791 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: (Kemp) Edison Camp Survivor C.E. Kanawyer, 1928.

LW3790 - Magic Mountain/Heritage Juction: Repurposed Coach (1987-2001) from Original Colossus Roller Coaster (1978-2014).

LW3789 - Screenshots: SPRR Saugus Depot Captured in "Suddenly," April 1954.

LW3788 - Standard Oil (Calif.) Products: 5-Gal Service Station Fuel/Oil Can, 1920s-(1950s?).

LW3787 - SPRR Saugus Train Station & Saugus Café, 1910.

LW3784 - William S. Hart Cover Art, "Cowboy Dance" Sheet Music, Russian Soviet Republic 1926.

LW3783 - SPRR Locomotive No. 1629 on the Line, Mid-1950s.

LW3782 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Large Blue Serving Bowl, 1930s-40s.

LW3781 - Southern Pacific Railroad Hand Cart.

LW3780 - (2) Southern Pacific Railroad Tie Plates and (6) Spikes from Saugus, Recovered ~2017.

LW3779 - Southern Pacific Railroad Switch Tie Plate from Saugus, Recovered ~2017.

LW3778 - Standard Oil (Calif.) Products: Oronite Cleaning Fluid, 8-oz. Can, 1920s-30s.

LW3777 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Salad Bowl, Dusky Rose, 1930s-40s.

LW3776 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Sugar Bowl & Creamer, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3775 - Southern Pacific Railroad Relics: S.P. Co. Utility Padlock with Key, ~1930s.

HB2101 - Brownie Playday Patch, Hart Ranch (Hart Park), 5-20-1967.

LW3774 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Small Leaf-Shaped Hors D'oeuvres Tray, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3773 - Tejon Trout Lakes Ashtray, Early 1950s.

LW3772 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Double Leaf-Shaped Serving Platter, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3771 - "Ramona" Chapel at Rancho Camulos, ~1909.

Mentryville Memories from Carol Lagasse, 3-22-2021.

LW3770 - SCV Historical Society's SPRR Locomotive No. 1629 on the Line, 1940s.

LW3769 - Prohibition Alcohol Prescription for E.E. Chamberlain, Union Oil Superintendent, 1921.

LW3768 - Envelope Mailed from R.F. del Valle to Ysabel del Valle, 1877-1883.

LW3767 - Standard Oil Products: Chevron Industrial Lubricants (3), Salesman's Samples, 1960-1962.

HS9035 - Volunteers Reinstall Crossbuck (Railroad Crossing Sign) at Heritage Junction, Video, 2020/2021.

LW3766 - The Battle of Palmdale: Relic of Crashed Runaway Navy F6F-5K Hellcat Drone, 1956.

CN3601 - Southern Pacific Cab-Forward Engine No. 4113 at Saugus Depot, 8-23-1936.

LW3765 - Embossed Envelope from Trem Carr Pictures, Mailed to Carr's Brother, August 1932.

LW3764 - 4 Women Killed, 14 Injured in Bermite Powder Blast, 1-28-1954.

LW3763 - Lobby Card: William S. Hart Stars in "Wolves of the Rail" (Artcraft 1918).

Video: Rancho Camulos Grape Arbor Reconstruction Led by Museum Volunteer Bob Cox, 10-25-2020.

LW3762 - New Cab Cover for Mogul Locomotive at Heritage Junction.

LW3761 - Winkler Homestead Road: Past and Future Meet at Castaic High School, 10-13-2020.

HS9908 - Canyon Country: Mitchell Adobe, n.d. (1930s-1940s?)

LW3760 - (11) Flow Blue China Pieces Appropriate to Tolfree's Saugus Eating House (Saugus Cafe), 1890s.

HS9033 - Donation of Pearle Pardee Russell Belongings, 9-1-2020.

Obituary: Albert Charles Swall, Newhall Builder, 1881-1949 • d.6-23-1949

Lower San Francisquito Renamed "Seco Canyon Road," 1968.

LW3759 - Aerial View: Seco, Bouquet, Haskell, Plum Canyon Area, 1959.

Postwar Roadside Respite: Bouquet Canyon Lodge, aka Bo-Can Club, 1940s-1970s.

AL2001 - Vasquez Rocks Marketing Brochure, n.d. (~1930s).

NCWD Demolishes 53-Yr-Old Wooden Water Tank, Largest in State, 1963 • The Signal, 8-15-1963

On Fire Patrol, 2 U.S. Forest Rangers Killed when Plane Slams Into Frazier Mtn., 8-22-1961 • News reports.

Florence LaRue Crowned Miss Val Verde 1965 (Pre-5th Dimension) • The Signal, 9-9-1965.

Val Verde: Forgotten Oasis of Freedom • Los Angeles Times, 3-2-1994

How Did the Hart District Obtain Its First School Site?

LW3758 - "Ramona's Bedroom" at Camulos. Colorized postcard, ~1915.

TL6404 - Aerial View of Newhall Looking South, 1964.

LW3756 - H.M. Newhall & Co. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, Advertisement, 1867-1874.

Newhall Excerpts from the Memoirs of QB Joe Kapp (Hart Class of 1955), 2020.

CW8601 - Six Flags Magic Mountain Fact Sheet: Shock Wave, 1986.

LW3755 - Fort Tejon State Historical Monument Brochure, n.d. (pre-1967).

CW9901 - A Brief History of the Push for Self-Government in Santa Clarita, by Connie Worden-Roberts, 1999.

RS7801 - St. Francis Dam Survivors 50th Anniversary Reunion, Valencia, 3-12-1978 • Ventura County Star-Free Press, 3-13-1978.

LW3754 - Thornton Edwards Co-Stars in 1947 Cisco Kid Picture, "Robin Hood of Monterey."

JD9003 - Original Randy Wicks Cartoon: Proposed L.A. Restaurant Smoking Ban, The Signal, 3-31-1990.

Interpretive Signage Placed at Live Oak Manor Rock Arch, Needham Ranch, May 2020.

Film Clip: House on Wertz Ranch Torched for Tom Mix Movie, 7-30-1921 ("Trailin'" Fox 1921).

Ballfield Named for CCC Worker Killed While Battling SCV Brush Fire, 1933.

LW3753 - Ace Cain's Rocky Springs Country Club: Wooden Nickel, 1950s-60s.

LW3752 - Tom Mix Stars in "Prairie Trails" (Fox 1920).

MRCA Acquisition of Robin's Nest Property in Soledad Canyon (2018).

Fishes of the Santa Clara River System, Southern California (Bell 1978).

LW3751 - Gene Autry's Champion Three? Stands in for Television Champion at Vasquez Rocks, 1955-1956.

Meet Ravi Rajan, President of California Institute of the Arts • élite Magazine, February-March 2020.

Historical Rainfall in SCV, 1769-1970s • From Lopez 1974.

OX6601 - Jerome Snyder School Office, Bagby Drive, North Oaks, 1966.

TL6403 - Old Orchard Shopping Center Under Construction, 4 Views, Fall 1964.

LW3750 - William S. Hart on Tobacco Card, British South Africa, 1922.

Pass: Where River Met Sea in the Pliocene • Squires 2012: Pico Formation Paleontology.

LW3749 - Remains of 2 Ancient Bison Found in Castaic Oil Fields, 1950.

LW3805 - Masonry by Acton's George Blum Sr.: St. Anthony's Seminary, Santa Barbara, 1898/1900.

LW3748 - Swall Hotel (Newhall Pharmacy) Block, July 1948.

LW3804 - Blum Ranch House Under Construction, 11-8-1915.

LW3747 - Movie Stars & Animals Strip Card: William S. Hart & Chief Luther Standing Bear in "White Oak," 1920s.

SoCal Favorite Son Reginaldo del Valle Nominated for Lieutenant Governor • L.A. Times 8-22-1890.

Earthquake Faults: Geology of San Francisquito and Bouquet Canyons • Frank Andrew Nickell, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1928.

OX6404 - Entrance to L.A. City's Saugus Rehabilitation Center (Drunk Farm), ~1964.

LW3746 - Tourists Stop at Frazier Park Sundries in the Snow, 1968.

LW3745 - ATSF Freight Train on SPRR Siding, ~1954.

The Del Valle Family and the Fantasy Heritage (Del Castillo 1980).

HL7101 - Map: SCV Landowner Ygnacio del Valle's Los Angeles Property, 1871.

Video - 1860s Rancho Camulos Chapel Window Frames & Shutters Restoration Project (2018) Part 1: Removal.

Video - 1860s Rancho Camulos Chapel Window Frames & Shutters Restoration Project (2018) Part 2: Restoration

Summer of 1967: Go-Go Girls Disappoint at Callahan's Old West by Lionel Rolfe, 7-5-1967.

Year of the Rat: Acton Gold Miner vs. San Francisco's Bubonic Plague • By Leon Worden, 4/21/2020.

OX6403 - Saugus: Bercaw Buildings, Thatcher Glass (2 Images), ~1964.

Dr. J. Michael McGrath, Newhall School District Superintendent 1972-1997 • Video Interview 8/7/2017.

L.A. County Takes Big Bite Out of Juvenile Crime During Great Depression, 1933-1935.

The Great Changeover: County Imposes 5-Digit House Numbers by Leon Worden, 4-17-2020.

LW3744 - Solemint Store, Early 1950s.

LW3743 - Seasoned with Grace: A Collection of Recipes by Crown Valley Community Church (Cookbook), 1998.

LW7702 - Magic Mountain: Troll House Ice Cream Factory & Water Wheel, 1976-78.

LW7601 - Photo Gallery: Magic Mountain Amusement Park Visit, 1976.

TN8402 - Tataviam Culture: All 4 Stones/Sticks Together, Other Bowers Cave Materials, Peabody Correspondence 1984.

Mrs. D.W. Griffith on the Making of "Ramona" (Biograph 1910) at Rancho Camulos.

LW3742 - Vikings Quarterback Joe Kapp: We Were Just a Bunch of Party Poopers • Sports Illustrated, 8-3-1970 (Part 3 of 3).

LW3741 - Publicity Photo: "The Bells of Coronado" Starring Roy Rogers (Republic 1950).

LW3740 - Montie Montana Ropes President Eisenhower at Inaugural Parade, 1-20-1953.

LW3739 - On Set of "Tumbleweeds" Starring William S. Hart (1925/1939), Publicity Still No. H136L.

Looking North & South from SPRR Newhall Crossing (3 Views), 1-4-1938.

FT2101 - Sterling Borax "Dinky" Locomotive with Ernest Moore & Ben Truex, 1914-1918.

FT4901 - Ralph Williams Pharmacy (A.C. Swall Building) in the Snow, Probably 1/1949.

Spanish Flu of 1918/19: Schools, Shops, Churches Close as L.A. Fights a Pandemic • By Alan Pollack, M.D., 4-7-2020.

LW3738 - Vikings QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Prepares for NFL Western Conference Playoffs, 12-26-1969.

LW3737 - William S. Hart, Katherine MacDonald Star in "Riddle Gawne" (1918), RPPC No. 195.

Photo Gallery: Placerita Canyon Nature Study Center Opening, with Guest Martha Mitchell, 11-10-1971.

LW3736 - Scene from "Ramona" at Rancho Camulos, Postcard 1901-1907, from 1886 Brewster Photograph.

LW3735 - Trade Advert: Tex Williams Cover, "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer," 1974.

LW3734 - Gene Autry: "The Phantom Empire" Chapter 12: "The End of Murania" (Mascot 1935)

LW3733 - Woman at Castle Cove Sign, Market Street, 2 Views ~1920s.

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 36 No. 1 • Jan-Feb-Mar 2020

LW3732 - Listen: Cliffie Stone and His Hepcats: (A) "Please, Please;" (B) "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (Audio 1954).

LW3731 - Fort Tejon Headquarters Building & Peter Lebeck Grave Marker, 6-9-1957.

TL1901 - F.R. Lamkin's Newhall Garage and Vulcanizing Service, 1919.

TL6402 - West Side of Happy Valley, Composite Landscape, ~1964.

LW3730 - Vasquez Rocks Fort Set: Kathleen Crowley Guest-Stars in "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," Ep. 3, 1956.

Looking North & South from Saugus Junction (2 Views), 1-4-1938.

LW3729 - Ridge Route Highway, 1918-1930.

LW3728 - Arcade Card: Dolores Del Rio, Roland Drew in Edward Carewe's 1928 Film, "Ramona."

LW3727 - QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Welcomes Coach Pete Elliott to Cal, 1-16-1957.

LW3726 - Saugus Speedway: Bonelli Stadium Pit Pass, 11-25-1945.

Profile: Arthur B. Perkins Uncovers Santa Clarita Valley History • Los Angeles Times, 1-2-1977

LW3725 - Nat Levine, Mascot & Republic Film Producer, 5-5-1988.

LW2357 - Blackface Comedian Charley Mack Sues Ex-Secretary for Embezzlement, December 1932.

LW3724 - Snow Day at Lower SCV Elevations, 12-19-1970.

LW3803 - Elizabeth Blum, (the First) Miss Acton, 1952.

LW3802 - Blum Ranch: Original Fruit Label Artwork.

LW3723 - Lucille Ball & Richard Dix in "The Marines Fly High," Publicity Still, 1940.

Teacher from Pasadena, 18, Hired for Lang/Sterling Borax School, Los Angeles Evening Express, 2/8/1923.

Description of Ventura County, Incl. Camulos, Oil, More, San Francisco Call / Ventura Signal, 7-12-1879.

"The Ivory-Handled Gun" (Full Movie 1935): Jauregui Ranch, Trem Carr Ranch, Vasquez Rocks.

LW3722 - Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, Bob Steele Co-Star in "Death Valley Rangers" (Monogram 1943)

Acton School 1968 Yearbook.

LW3721 - Palm Tree-Lined Driveway to Piru Mansion, 2 Views, ~1910.

LW3720 - Winifred Westover (Future Mrs. William S. Hart), Hoover Art Co. Photograph, 1918-1919.

LW3719 - Lobby Card: Saugus Resident Harry Carey in "The Seventh Bandit," (1926).

LW3718 - Lobby Card: Roy Rogers in "Down Dakota Way," Walker Ranch, 1949.

LW3717 - Dolores Del Rio, Warner Baxter Star in Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928), Still No. A-164.

HS7530 - Original Portrait, John Lang Family, ~1889.

LW3176 - Bob Steele Stars as "The Kid Ranger" (Supreme Pictures 1936): Re-Release Lobby Card.

Acton School 1969 Yearbook.

LW3715 - Buck Jones Stars in "The Ivory-Handled Gun" (1935): Re-Release Lobby Card 1951.

LW3714 - Tom Mix in Newhall: The Selig-Polyscope Years, by Robert S. Birchard, 1971.

JD7105 - Jo Anne Darcy with Buddy Ebsen, Probably Acton, 1971.

PT9001 - Red-Brick Soledad School, Original R.E. Nickel Cabinet Card, Early 1890s.

BB6001 - Original Hand-Drawn Map of Pre-1908 Acton Area Ranches, by George J. Blum, 1960.

WH2501 - Winifred Westover and Son William S. Hart Jr., 2 Portraits, ~1925.

LW3713 - Original Artwork for Stock Certificate, The Newhall Land and Farming Company, 1984 (Unique).

LW3712 - Lobby Card: Gene Autry Stars in "Rancho Grande," Melody Ranch, 1940.

LW3801 - Blum Ranch, Acton: George Blum Sr.'s Swiss Travel Trunk.

LW3800 - Blum Ranch, Acton: Quarter-Circle G Branding Iron.

LW3711 - Vasquez Rocks Scene in "Werewolf of London" (Universal 1935).

LW3710 - Fremont Pass Service Station Scene in Hitchcock's "Family Plot" (Universal 1976).

GF4901 - Newhall Elementary School: 1st Grade Class, 1948/49.

LW3709 - Jerry Quarry Signed Boxing Glove & Photo, n.d.

LW3708 - Vikings QB Joe Kapp (Hart 1955): A Misfit Who Lives to Win • Sports Illustrated, 7-27-1970.

LW3707 - Tippi Hedren Stars in Hitchcock's "The Birds" (1963): U.K. Lobby Card.

LW3706 - William S. Hart Stars in "The Border Wireless" (1918): Magic Lantern Slide (2 examples).

LW3705 - Winter Storm Blankets Hotel Lebec in Snow, 1/6/1955.

LW3704 - Newhall Resident & Child Actor Buzz Barton (William A. Lamoreaux), Strip Card ~1928.

HB7601 - Placerita Junior High School 9th Grade Graduating Class Photo 1976.

LW3703 - Photo: San Francisquito Creek Flows with St. Francis Floodwaters, 3-13-1928.

LW3702 - Stock Certificate: The Newhall Land and Farming Company, 12-18-1978.

LW3701 - Charley Mack in "Why Bring That Up?" (Paramount 1929).

LW3700 - Acton '49er Saloon Belt Buckle; CORRECTS Acton Hotel & Saloon History.

LW3699 - Munz Lakes Resort: Boating on Lake, Souvenir Postcard 1962.

LW3698 - Fort Tejon: Officers' Quarters, Souvenir Postcard, ~1950s.

WH2201 - Winifred Westover: Screen Actress & (Ex-)Wife of William S. Hart, Photo by Spurr, Post-1921.

From Paper to Plastic: At Rancho Camulos, D.W. Griffith Recreates "Ramona" Book on Film, Spring 1910

LW3697 - Football Program Book: QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955) Leads Cal to 20-17 Win Over UCLA, 11-8-1958.

LW3696 - Sheet Music: "Ramona Waltz" (1927), Sold in British Empire with Exclusions.

LW3695 - Illustrator's Concept of St. Francis Dam Disaster • La Domenica del Corriere (Milan, Italy), 3-25-1928.

LW3694 - French Movie Herald (1929): Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" with Dolores Del Rio.

LA3701 - Kirkman-Harriman Pictorial & Historical Map of L.A. County 1860 (1937).

LW3692 - Original Lobby Card: Tom Mix and Tony Jump Beale's Cut in "3 Jumps Ahead" (Fox 1923), Rare.

LW3693 - Original Lobby Card: Tom Mix and Alma Bennett (On Tony) in "3 Jumps Ahead" (Fox 1923), Rare.

LW3323 - Original Lobby Card: Tom Mix and Tony in "3 Jumps Ahead" (Fox 1923), Rare.

Video - Interview with Kirk Douglas at Book Signing in Valencia, 5-4-2007.

LW3691 - Magic Lantern Slide: Wm. S. Hart-Winifred Westover Marriage Used on Advertising Piece, 1921-22.

LW3690 - Photo Gallery: Vasquez Rocks Vacation Photos, 1969.

LW3689 - Clint Walker Stars in "More Dead Than Alive" (UA 1969): British Lobby Card (1972).

LW3688 - QB Joe Kapp (Hart High 1955): Nalley's CFL Coin, 1963.

Air Pollution at Newhall Ranch: A Report on the Potential Threat of Smog; Newhall Land, 12-7-1954.

A Study of the Planned Subdivision at Newhall Land and Farming Company, Stanford Research Institute, December 1953.

LW3687 - Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Invoice to Union Oil Co. at Piru, 1-1-1917.

LW3686 - Curry's Lebec Lodge: Room Key and Fob with 3c Prepaid Postage, 1922-1925.

LW3685 - "Roar" (1981, Tippi Hedren & Noel Marshall), West German Movie Poster, 1982.

JV0101 - Photo Gallery: L.A. Lakers' Kobe Bryant Vists SCV Boys and Girls Club, Newhall, 1/2001.

L.A. Lakers' Kobe Bryant in McDonald's Commercial, Valencia Glen Park, 2001.

WH1801 - William S. Hart Promotes Liberty Loan Program, New York, 10-3-1918.

LW3684 - Photo Gallery: Pieces of 1891 L.A. County Courthouse, Worked On By George Blum of Acton.

Meryl Adams: Tales of the Acton Post Office • Audio Recording 8-17-1977

HB7801 - Photo Gallery: 1978 Frontier Days Parade: Canyon & Arroyo Seco Bands, Colorguard, more.

LW3683 - Solemint: Freak Fish Postcard, 1940s-50s.

LW3682 - Photo Gallery: 1940s LADWP House at Dry Canyon Reservoir, 2020.

LW3681 - Original Elvis-style Jumpsuit Concept Design (Signed) by Tony Alamo, n.d.

HG6001 - Newhall Flower & Gift Shop ~1960.

LW3680 - Curry's Lebec Lodge, Real-photo Postcard, March 1924.

Photo Gallery: Back from Hanoi, Jane Fonda Lectures on Vietnamese Culture at CalArts • The Signal, 3-29-1973.

Santa Susana Mountains Trails Master Plan-2 (Final) • Adopted 12-11-2018.

Santa Susana Mountains Trails Master Plan-2 L.A. County Parks, Initial Study, 11-2-2017.

The Making of "68 Whiskey" (at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, Saugus), 1-8-2020.

LW3679 - Photo Gallery: Bedrock Mortar Uncovered at Tesoro Adobe Historic Park. Photographed 1-15-2020.

CN8005 - Mentryville Docent Group, June 1980.

LW3678 - 2 Women at Entrance to Munz Lakes Resort ~1960.

Download and Print: History of Santa Clarita (Valley) Coloring Book • City of Santa Clarita 2018.

Reunion of Death Valley '49ers Who Found Salvation in SCV • The San Francisco Call, February 1913.

California's Oldest Well • The Standard Oiler, August 1953.

LW3677 - Program Book: Hoot Gibson's Saugus Rodeo, April 25-26, 1931 (with May 3 Supplement).

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency: 5-Year Strategic Plan • Adopted 6/18/2019.

LW3676 - Photo Gallery: Acton Homesteader George Blum's Stonecutting Tools Preserved, 2019.

LW3675 - Newhall Elementary School: Mrs. Anderson's 3rd Grade Class, 1984.

LW3674 - Newhall Elementary School: Mrs. Reynosa's 3rd Grade Class, 1981.

40 Under Forty Honoree Gala Program, 11-8-2019.

TR5501 - Newhall Elementary School: 6th Grade Graduation Program, 6-16-1955.

GF5201 - Newhall Elementary School: 4th Grade Class, 1951/52.

GF5101 - Newhall Elementary School: 3rd Grade Class, 1950/51.

TR6102 - Hart High School Lettergirls Installation & Awards Banquet Program, 6-1-1961.

TR8401 - Mint Canyon School 6th Grade Commencement Program, 1984.

LW3673 - William S. Hart Brandishes 2 Guns and a Mask in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original-Release 11x14 Lobby Card.

FILM - Newhall Scenes in 1914's "The Virginian" from Cecil B. DeMille.

Bonelli Stadium Racing Program, 12-29-1946 | Driver Profiles: Connie Wiedell, Jim Rathman.

LW3672 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Blue-Green Serving Platter, 1930s-40s.

Locations of Butterfield's Overland Mail Stations from San Fernando Mission to Posey Creek (including SCV) by Gerald T. Ahnert, 1-1-2020.

LW3671 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: 8" Bowl, Uranium Orange, 1930s-40s.

COC Local History Project: Harry Bell, Video Interview 2009.

LW3670 - William S. Hart in Victorville with Cast & Crew of "White Oak," 1921.

LW3669 - Movie Herald: "Chimmie Fadden Out West," 1915.

CN4701 - Newhall Elementary School: Kindergarten Class, 1947.

Friends of the Eastern California Museum Newsletter, Winter 2019-2020.

SW1903 - Installation of New Well at Placerita Oil Field, 12-22-2019.

HB2804 - Cowart Family of Burbank Visits Dam Disaster Site, 2 Views, 1928.

LW3668 - Andy Jauregui's 1934 Hoot Gibson Ranch Rodeo Ribbon.

OX6101 - Huntsinger Turkey Ranch, Bouquet Canyon, early 1960s.

TR6101 - Hart High School 1961 Commencement Program.

TR7701 - Mint Canyon School: Kindergarten-First Grade, 1977.

LW3667 - St. Francis Flood Damage in Santa Paula, 3-16-1928.

LW3666 - SCV's Tiny Ron Taylor in "Seven Hours to Judgment" (1988).

Melody Ranch Adjacent: Newhall's Mystery Film Location in Placerita Canyon, by Tinsley E. Yarbrough, Ph.D., 2019.

LW3665 - SCV's Tiny Ron Taylor in "Alien Nation: Body and Soul" (Fox 1995).

Program Book - 1968 Newhall Old West July 4 Celebration; Parade History by A.B. Perkins.

LW3664 - Juventino del Valle, Black Walnut Tree, (5) Important Camulos Views, 1910s.

LW3663 - Vasquez Rocks: Dell Comic No. 791: "The 77th Bengal Lancers" (No. 1/Only), 1957.

LW3662 - Square Dances with Cliffie Stone's Band: Instruction Booklet, 12 pgs., 1950.

SCV's Country Music Legend: Cliffie Stone • By Alan Pollack, Dispatch, Jan.-Feb. 2020.

FILM - William S. Hart (Speaking), Fritz, Lizbeth in Outtakes from Fox Newsreel Segment, 3-19-1930.

LW3661 - Trem Carr, W. Ray Johnston on Set of "Lost in the Stratosphere" (Monogram 1934).

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 35 No. 4 • Oct-Nov-Dec 2019

LW3660 - $4 "First Year Anniversary" Gaming Chip, Top of the Vine Casino (Card Room), 1996.

LW3659 - "Goldengirl" (1979): James Coburn, Susan Anton at College of the Canyons.

HB1906 - Needham Ranch: Martha's Cafe, Oak Glen Auto Court & Gas Station, 3 Views, ~Late 1940s.

FILM - Blackhawk Films Presents William S. Hart (1960): A Narrated Biopic Featuring "Tumbleweeds" and "Hell's Hinges."

GF5001 - Newhall Elementary School: 2nd Grade Class, 1949/50.

Hart High School: Class of 1988 Commencement Program (6-22-1988).

Two-Gun Bill: The Story of William S. Hart • by Katherine H. Child, NHMLA, 1987

LW3658 - "Days of Jesse James" Clips: Roy Rogers in Mentryville, 1939.

LW3657 - La Cañada Pottery: Shallow Blue/Mustard Bowl, 1930s-40s.

LW3656 - La Cañada Pottery: Small Green Bowl, 1930s-40s.

SK5701 - Confusion Hill (Placerita Oil Field) ~1949.

Album - Valencia Town Center: Thematic Art Album, n.d. (1992).

LW3654 - William S. Hart, Color Strip Card, ~1919.

The Canyon Call, Vol. IX: 1978-1979 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. VIII: 1977-1978 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. VII: 1976-1977 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. VI: 1975-1976 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

LW3653 - Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele Star in "The Utah Kid" (Monogram 1944).

MS0003 - Old Timers Fourth of July Photo at Original Newhall School Auditorium, 7-4-1936.

Film Clip: Circle J Tract Under Construction and Allan Trautman as Tarman in "Return of the Living Dead Part II," 1988.

CN7702 - SCV Historical Society Board Visits Mentryville, 1977.

LW3652 - Andy Jauregui-Owned Ceramic Water Pitcher with Jauregui Livestock Brand, n.d.

LW3651 - Robert Conrad at Indian Dunes in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" 1976-1978.

LW3650 - Ridge Route Road, Castaic Area, ~1920s.

LW3649 - William S. Hart, Jocko the Monkey Star in "Travelin' On" (1921-22).

LW3648 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Café: Cocktail Napkin, 1940s.

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Press Kit: Lang Station Golden Spike CentennialSeptember 5, 1976.

The Canyon Call, Vol. V: 1974-1975 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. IV: 1973-1974 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. III: 1972-1973 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

The Canyon Call, Vol. II: 1971-1972 Academic Year (College of the Canyons Student Newspaper)

GL0101 - Prominent Women of Newhall, with Children, 1901.

TN7101 - Magic Mountain: The West's New Family Funland • L.A. Times Advertising Supplement, 24 pp, 6/13/1971.

LW3647 - U.S. Camel Corps: Guide to Hi Jolly Pioneer Cemetery, Quartzsite, Ariz., n.d. (2010s).

Blum Ranch: George Blum & Sons' Homsteading History, 1891-1933.

LW3646 - Thomas O'Brien's First Hotel Lebec, 1910s.

LW3645 - Tex Williams: Still Swinging with Western Sounds • Country Music People (UK), August 1977.

LW3644 - Lobby Card: Tim McCoy, Buck Jones in "Ghost Town Law" (Monogram 1942).

TN8002 - Santa Clarita Valley 1980 Street Map with Points of Interest.

LW3643 - Lobby Card: William S. Hart in "The Man Killer," ~1923 (Re-release of "The Gun Fighter," 1917)

LW3642 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Orange Drip Glaze Coffee Mug, 1930s-40s.

LW3641 - Lobby Card: "Bells of Coronado" Starring Roy Rogers at Sable Ranch (Republic 1950).

Standard Oil Experiments with Natural Gas-to-Gasoline Conversion in Pico Canyon, 1913-1914.

GF5401 - Newhall Elementary School: 6th Grade Class, 1953/54.

LW3640 - Second Newhall School, Photo Postcard ~1909.

Sanborn Map of Newhall, 1892.

LW3639 - Andre's Cafe & Cocktail Lounge, Forrest Park: Matchbook Cover, 1950s.

LW3638 - Tor Johnson Latex Halloween Monster Mask, Don Post Studios 1977.

LW3637 - (Vasquez Rocks): Screenplay: "A Private Little War" ("Star Trek" S2.19), Air Date 2-2-1968.

LW3636 - Bonelli Stadium: 1946 Newhall-Saugus Rodeo Ticket.

LW3634 - Buck Jones in "Boss of Lonely Valley," Lobby Card (Universal 1937).

LW3635 - Buck Jones in "Boss of Lonely Valley," Lobby Card (Universal 1937).

TN8802 - Santa Clarita Valley: Map of Planned & Approved Subdivisions • The Signal, Fall 1988.

SZ2901 - Mentryville: Origins of Standard Oil Co. of California • Among Ourselves (Standard Oil), September 1929.

LW3633 - First Wall Map: Magic Mountain Amusement Park, 1971.

LW3632 - Sterling Borax Advertising Ephemera: Ink Blotter, ~1910s.

LW3631 - (Rancho Camulos Owner) August Rübel's Billiwhack Dairy: 3-Gal. Milk Can, ~1920s.

LW3630 - Lobby Card: Dale Robertson, Rodolfo Acosta in "City of Bad Men" (1953).

LW3629 - William S. Hart Writing His Autobiography, Working Title "Boy and Man," 3-28-1928.

AH1901 - The Jackass Mail: San Antonio to San Diego, 1857-1861, by Gerald T. Ahnert (2019).

LW3628 - William S. Hart Stars in "The Border Wireless" (1918): Publicity Still.

LW3627 - Feature: "Sting is Back" (Steve Borden, Hart High 1977), Superstar Wrestlers, September 1990.

LW3626 - Clint Eastwood Directs "Space Cowboys" at Agua Dulce Airpark, Color, 1999.

TN7702 - Booklet: Spillikin Corners at Magic Mountain, 28 pgs. (1977).

RK4901 - Deed from Frank Walker for First 40 Acres of Placerita Canyon State Park, 6-13-1949.

FT5501 - Fred Trueblood II in The Signal Print Shop, ~1950s.

FT2801 - SoCal Edison Saugus Substation After the Flood, March 1928.

LW6902 - 1969 Newhall-Saugus-Valencia-Canyon Country Telephone Directory.

TN8602 - Signal's Goss Printing Press Under Assembly at 24000 Creekside Road, 1985-1986.

Photo Gallery: Upper (Main) Castaic Lake Opens for Swimming, Boating, 6-26-1972.

HS2787 - Asher House, Triple A Ranch, Vasquez Rocks, 7-9-1979.

LW3625 - Bob Walk, MLB Pitcher (Phillies 1981), Hart Class of 1974. Fleer Baseball Card.

Legal Notice: Wolfskill Tries to Foreclose on Del Valles' L.A, SCV Property, Los Angeles Star, 5-14-1864.

LW3624 - Pin (Brooch) by Joseff of Hollywood, ~1940.

LW3623 - San Emedio Petroleum Company Stock Certificate, 1865.

GL3001 - Prohibitionist Henry Clay Needham and Family Members, Needham Ranch, 2 Views, ~1930.

GF6001 - Hart High School 1960 Commencement Program.

LW3622 - La Cañada Pottery: Large Uranium Orange Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

CN8004 - Margaret, Marlen Seltzer Donate Desk from Ore Bercaw's 1906 Saugus Store.

CN7701 - Mentryville Dedicated as Calif. State Historic Landmark 516-2: Program Book, 10-8-1977.

Army Corps to Turn Santa Clara River Into L.A.-Style Concrete Channel, 8-12-1968.

SK2801 - Airplane Built by Earl and Helm Schmidt at 6-S Ranch, 1928.

Karen Bonnett, Receptionist, The Newhall Signal, April 1968.

LW3621 - (Ex-)Fremont Pass Service Station Scenes in "Halloween III" (1982).

CN7601 - Mentryville 100th Anniversary, 1976: Crude Oil Sample, Pico No. 4.

HB1905 - Canyon Country Lions Club Bell, 1980(-1990).

Valencia High School: 2010 Viking Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

SK4701 - Shell Oil Customers: Schmidt Brothers' 6-S Ranch Airpark • Shell Progress, May 1947.

Placerita Junior High School: 1966 "Nugget" Yearbook (Complete).

CN1901 - Tick Canyon Howlite Specimens.

Castaic Range War Blows Up School Construction Plans, 1889-1890.

LW3620 - Film: "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" Ep. 25: "Akbar the Great," Vasquez Rocks, 1957.

Mystery Solved: What Became of Hart's Japanese Domestic Employees? • 2013/2019.

Photo Gallery: Olympian Sets New U.S. Record (Women's Javelin) at COC Track Meet • The Signal, 7-27-1972.

A New Monument Sign for Mint Canyon School • The Signal, April 1968.

CN9501 - Inventory at Mentryville, 6-30-1995.

SG1924 - The Newhall Signal newspaper, 1924 (All Surviving Issues).

LW3619 - William S. Hart Stars in "Tumbleweeds" (1925) Publicity Still No. H-1-25.

Placerita Junior High School: 2006 Yearbook (Complete).

National Register Survey: Well No. 4, Pico Canyon Oil Field • National Park Service, 3-12-1963.

Newhall-Saugus Sun Newspaper, 3-21-1963 (8 pgs.): Thatcher Glass Cover; Hart High Science Fair.

COC Student Bill Leach a Semi-Finalist for Calif. Community College Awards, 3-28-1973.

LW3618 - Film: Circle J Ranch Scenes in "The Lawless Breed" with Rock Hudson, 1952.

LW3617 - Sheet Music: "I Want a Cave Man Like William Hart - The Movie Star," Kendis & Brockman 1919.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 4-10-1982 • Cover: Cover: Dan Press; Feature: All About Saturday Night at Saugus.

Hart High School: 1979 Tomahawk Yearbook (Complete).

COC Football: Undefeated Cougars Shut Out Desert College to Make Playoffs, 11-20-1971.

LW3616 - Boy Scout Patch: Camporee, Soledad Sands, 1978.

HB7104 - Old Orchard Elementary School Graduation Ceremonies, 1971 & 1976.

Photo Gallery: COC Fashions, Valencia Portable Campus • The Signal, 3-15-1972.

LW3615 - Film: Acton Scenes in "The Silencers" with Dean Martin, 1966.

LW3614 - Frontier Days Pinback, "Brother of the Brush," 1960s.

LW3613 - SPRR Piru Depot Used as Catholic Church, 1960s.

LP1501 - Camulos Cemetery Postcard, 2 Versions, 1900-1910 (and 1915).

Photo Gallery: IRC (Bonelli Hall), Cougar Stadium Under Construction • The Signal, 7-7-1973.

Photo Gallery: Old Orchard 6th Graders Clean Up Hart Park Picnic Grounds, 3-2-1973.

O.R. Tucker's Record-Press Newspaper (Complete): Fire Guts Signal Production Building, 1-8-1969.

LW3912 - Film: Piru Scenes in "A Star is Born" With Judy Garland, James Mason, 1954.

LW3611 - "Patrick Henry," Scenario by William S. Hart, 1920 (Rare).

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