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Prohibition Alcohol Prescription for E.E. Chamberlain

Superintendent, Union Oil Co. of California

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"Sooner or later, everything old is new again."
— Stephen King, The Colorado Kid

In 2021 we had medical marijuana. In 1921, during Prohibition, we had prescription alcohol.

Patient: E.E. Chamberlain, 10th and Main streets, Santa Paula — address of Union Oil Company of California. Chamberlain was Superintendent of Union Oil's field operations including those in Piru.

Physician: B.E. Merrill, M.D., Santa Paula.

Prescription: Fumenti (grain alcohol), "when needed for cold." Internal Revenue Form 1403. Thin sheet from prescription pad, 3½x5⅞ inches. Back is blank.

Date: December 10, 1921.

Two years later, Chamberlain resigned from Union Oil for health reasons.

About E.E. Chamberlain.

National Petroleum News, October 17, 1923.

Los Angeles, Oct. 11. — After 12 years of service as superintendent for the Union Oil Co. of California, in the Ventura district, E.E. Chamberlain has just resigned because of failing health. Mr. Chamberlain first entered the employ of the company back in 1887, as a tool-dresser. After seven years in that capacity he quit and went into other business, but returned to the company in 1912 as superintendent of field operations at Ventura and Santa Paula, Cal. He was superintendent of the Union's pipe line at Ventura.

LW3769: 9600 dpi jpeg from original prescription purchased 2021 by Leon Worden.
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