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SC9901 - Map of City of Santa Clarita, 6-11-1999.

HS0099 - Site Map: Heritage Junction Historic Park. Color.

LW2521 - Map of (Pre-Rancho) Castec, ~1842

La Puerta: Gateway to the Santa Clarita ValleyMarch 2023.

Expeditions 1840s-1850s

LW2882 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): Entrance of Tejon Pass

Lw2883 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): View of Great Basin from Tejon Pass

LW2143 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): Geological Map of SCV

LW2580 - Plat Map of Rancho Castac by E.F. Beale, 11-8-1862

HS7001 - Map of Partitioned Rancho San Francisco, 1-13-1870.

HL7101 - Map: SCV Landowner Ygnacio del Valle's Los Angeles Property, 1871.

HS7401 - Rancho San Francisco: Plat Map, June 1874.

LW2304 - Surveyor's Map Showing Lyon's Station, 1875.

HB1717 - Southern Pacific Right-of-Way & Track Map; All Property Transactions in Newhall-Saugus Area, 1876-1992.

LW2726 - Southern Pacific Connects with Central Pacific, Map 9-9-1876.

HB1714 - Andrew's Station (1877); Andrews Plat; Pioneer Oil Refinery Layout.

AL1887 - USGS Map of Los Angeles County, 1887.

LW2208 - Map of Beale's Camel Corps Expedition, 1857-58.

HS9401 - William Lewis Manly's Death Valley Routes, Hand Drawn, 1894. Color.

AP2632 - Plat Map of Newhall (detail), 1889.

AP3011 - St. John's Subdivision (Newhall-Saugus), 1880s-90s.

Sanborn Map of Newhall, 1892.

LW2560 - Oil Well Locations from Fillmore to Camulos, 1900.

LW3900 - Newhall Oil District Map, n.d. (~1901/1902).

BB6001 - Original Hand-Drawn Map of Pre-1908 Acton Area Ranches, by George J. Blum, 1960.

LW3203 - Map of Los Angeles Aqueduct and Adjacent Territory, October 1908.

LW2855 - USGS: Buena Vista Lake Quadrangle, August 1912.

Local Driving Routes, 1920: L.A.-Bakersfield, Saugus-Ventura, Lebec-Mojave, moreAutobmobile Blue Book Vol. 8, 1920.

HS2101 - Land Ownership, Santa Clarita - San Fernando - Simi Valleys, 1921.

LW2118 - Map: Auto Road, San Fernando to Caswell's via Bouquet Canyon.

LW2900 - Automobile Road Map: Los Angeles to Elizabeth Lake, 1922.

LW3069 - Castaic High School Site: Jackson & Winkler Homesteads, 1922.

Ridge Route - Ridge Route Map. (Opens in New Window)

NL2834 - Map of Newhall Land Property & St. Francis Dam Site, 3-24-1928.

LW3493 - Lower San Francisquito Canyon, Aerial View, 1928.

JB2901 - Map of Historical Events That Shaped L.A.'s Growth, 1929.

LW3020 - USGS Maps Showing Honby, 1929-1960.

LW3329 - Detail from Aerial Photo Series, Downtown Newhall, 1930, Labeled.

WE3001 - Saugus/Newhall Airport Map, 1930.

BA3001 - Newhall Auto Tunnel from the Air, July-August 1930.

SW3301 - Map Showing Location of Original Pioneer Cemetery, 1933 (Comparison to 1966).

SW3302 - Map Showing Location of Lyon's Station, 1933 (Comparison to 1875).

LA3701 - Kirkman-Harriman Pictorial & Historical Map of L.A. County 1860 (1937).

WE4601 - Saugus/Newhall Airport Map, 1946.

DP4901 - Artistic Map of Spanish & Mexican Land Grants, Los Angeles County, pre-1949.

LW2955 - Historic Placerita Canyon Movie Ranch Locations.

Map - Bowers Cave, Pyle Ranch, Indian Tribes. Desert Magazine January 1952.

LW2624 - Saugus District, Angeles National Forest (Whole SCV), 1953.

Fault Map - Displacement on San Gabriel Fault, September, 1954.

AP2904 - Map: Rockhounding at Ravenna, Desert magazine, February 1957.

SW5801 - Saugus Oil Field Map: Location of Bermite No. 1 Oil Well • Union Oil 1958.

SW5901 - Saugus Oil Field Map: Location of Bonelli No. 2 Oil Well • Union Oil 1959.

LW3759 - Aerial View: Seco, Bouquet, Haskell, Plum Canyon Area, 1959.

TL6401 - Peachland Area of Happy Valley Development, Aerial View, 7-13-1964.

TL6404 - Aerial View of Newhall Looking South, 1964.

LW2993 - Tepee Rock Shop (Soledad Cyn.): Rockhounding Guide for L.A. Gem Hunters, 1966.

HB6601 - 8 Aerial Photos: Hart High, Placerita Junior High, 7-10-1966.

SR9613 - Magic Mountain Amusement Park Map, 1971.

LW3633 - First Wall Map: Magic Mountain Amusement Park, 1971.

RK7701 - Sonny & Cher Bono's Placerita Canyon Property, ca. 1977.

HS7903 - Aerial Photos: Saugus Speedway, Santa Clara River, 8-14-1979.

HS7904 - Aerial Photos: Bouquet Junction, Saugus High School, Citation Homes Under Construction, 8-14-1979.

HS7905 - Aerial Photo: Whites Canyon Road, 8-14-1979.

TN8002 - Santa Clarita Valley 1980 Street Map with Points of Interest.

SR8103 - Magic Mountain Amusement Park Map, 1981.

LW8602 - Boundary Map of Proposed 90-Square-Mile City of Santa Clarita, 1-2-1986.

TN8802 - Santa Clarita Valley: Map of Planned & Approved Subdivisions • The Signal, Fall 1988.

LW2416 - Map of Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon (est. 1989/1992).

SC9901 - Map of City of Santa Clarita, June 1999.

Map: El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, 2005.

LW2640 - Assessor's Map: Bouquet Junction (SE Corner) & Saugus Speedway, 2008.

LW2256f - Locator Map, Placerita Canyon Oil Seep (Historic Site of New Century Well No. 1), 2012.

LW2361 - Rand Mining District Map (Mojave Desert).

LW2382 - Powerhouse Fire Perimeter Map, June 2013.

Rivendale Park & Open Space Concept Plan Map Adopted 9-10-2013.

LW2611 - Lang: Nike Missile Battery; DTSC Cleanup Site, 2014.

Map of San Gabriel Mountains National Monument USDA Forest Service 10-10-2014.

SCV Open Space Map w/ San Gabriel Mtns Nat Monument City of Santa Clarita 9-22-2014.

LW2767 - Map: Location of SPRR Humphreys Station.

SCV Water Agency: Map of Electoral Divisions; First (Inaugural) Meeting Agenda • 1-2-2018.

SCV Water Agency: Geographical Service Area • 2/2018.

LW3275 - Lang Locator Map.

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