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Newhall | Fourth of July & Christmas Celebrations

The Spirit of Fourths Past by Dan Hon • The Signal, 7-1-1988

July 4th: An Old Newhall Tradition by Leon Worden • The Signal, 7-3-1996

AP1711 - Newhall Fourth of July Celebration at Saxonia Park, Quigley Canyon, 1909-1913.

PH3101 - Christmas Tree in Newhall Traffic Circle, Winter 1931.

RL3201 - Newhall Pioneers Homecoming Celebration, 7-4-1932.

CN3201 - Opal Mayhue Houghton, Jessie E. Richards, Jessie Nourse Sackrider with Parade Horse, 7-4-1932.

CN3202 - Opal Mayhue Houghton Astride Horse, Happy Valley, 7-4-1932.

1933 Fourth of July Parade and Homecoming; Dedication of Newhall School Playground News reports, 1933.

TL3301 - Parade Entries, 3 Views, 1933.

MS0232 - Charles Kingsburry Leads Sheriff's Posse, 1934.

HS0200 - Newhall Old Timers Reunion, 1934.

MS0266 - Newhall Women's Club Parade Entry, 1930s.

SZ3401 - Soledad Hotel at Spruce and 9th Streets, Fourth of July, 1930s.

SZ3402 - Masonic Club Float Passes Soledad Hotel, Fourth of July Parade, 1930s.

MS0277 - Newhall Garage, Parade Entry, 1934.

MS0290 - Newhall Garage, Parade Entry, 1930s.

MS0291 - Newhall Ice Co., Parade Entry, 1934.

MS0292 - Peculiar Parade Entry, 1934.

AL1928 - Newhall Judicial District Entry, 7-4-1935.

HS3501 - Newhall 4th of July Homecoming Photograph, Newhall School Park, 7-4-1935.

GS3602 - Newhall Homecoming Celebration, 7-4-1936.

MS0003 - Annual Old Timers Photo at Original Newhall School Auditorium, 7-4-1936.

MS0289 - Parade Color Bearer, 7-4-1940.

LT4601 - Ernestine (Tina) Cooke, Newhall Fourth of July Parade, ~1946

MS0279 - Charles & Carol Rupprecht, 7-4-1947.

JD4801 - Newhall Old West Fourth of July Celebration Program, 1948.

BF4801 - Newhall Dairy Farmers Parade Entry, 7-4-1948.

LW2089 - "Slippery Gulch" 4th of July Tokens, 1949-51.

BH0100 - In Front of the Snack Shack, c. 1950-1952.

HB5001 - Program: Newhall Old West Independence Day Celebration, 1950.

HB5002 - Carolina Cotton, The Yodeling Blonde Bombshell, "Grand Marshalette," 1950.

TF5010 - T.M. Frew Blacksmith Shop: First Place, Commercial, 1950.

TF5301 - T.M. Frew Blacksmith Shop: Theme Award, 1953.

AP1632 - Fourth of July Parade, 1955.

FILM - Late 1950s Newhall 4th of July Parades; Melody Ranch; 1st Wm. S. Hart Little League Game (1955).

FILM - 1959 Parade with Lassie & The Shaggy Dog, 5 mins.

AP0712 - Boy Scout Troop 2, 1950s-'60s. 2 Views.

BH5901 - Newhall Flower Shop Entry at Newhall Realty & Peterson's Shoes, ~1961.

AP1531 - Christmas Street Decorations, San Fernando Road, 2 Views, Early 1960s.

GA6401 - Newhall Woman's Club 4th of July Parade Float, 2 Views, 1964.

SG6501 - Clymore Ford's Bucking Stunt Car, 7-4-1965.

FBI Informant's Entry in Newhall Parade Gets Hoover's Attention • July 1967.

Program Book - 1968 Newhall Old West July 4 Celebration; Parade History by A.B. Perkins.

LW2339 - Anillo Restrikes of 1952-53 Newhall Old West Association Tokens, 1968.

SG7001 - Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast, 7-3-1970.

HB7501 - Newhall Christmas Parade: North Oaks Park Baton Twirlers ~1975.

LW7701 - Hart High Chieftains Jazz Band in Newhall Fourth of July Parade, 1977.

TN7901 - Tex Williams, 4th of July Parade Division Marshal, 7-4-1979.

TL8002 - Fourth of July Parade, Multiple Views, 1980.

CB1982 - Fourth of July Parade, 1982.

LW9450 - Carl Goldman, 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal, 7-4-1994.

LW2455 - Sheriff Sherman Block, 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal, 7-4-1996.

Photo Galleries: 2005 Parade, Pancake Breakfast, 5K Run.

SC0502 - Children March in Holiday Parade, Frolick in Snow, 12-10-2005.

TV1210 - Fourth of July Parade, 2012 (Multiple Views).

LW2977 - Photo Album: 2015 4th of July Parade, Inside-Out (Spectators and Organizers).

LW2978 - Photo Album: 2015 Newhall Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast.

LW2979 - Photo Album: 2015: John Bergstrom, Gency Brown and Buck Corbett Entertain.

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