Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

City of Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita City Council Members, 1987 to Present.

Santa Clarita City Commissioners, 1988 to Present.

Election Results

City of Santa Clarita Map • Including Annexations through 2016.

How Santa Clarita Got Its Name by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Feb.-March 1997

How Santa Clarita Got Its House Numbers by Leon Worden • The Signal, 7-16-1997

Video - City of Santa Clarita: The 20 Year Story • 2007.

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Looking Back: City's First Mayor Buck McKeon Remembers by Buck McKeon, 2007.

Nearly Two Decades of Battling Elsmere Pay Off By Marsha McLean, 2007.

Video: Trashing Elsmere Canyon • City of Santa Clarita 1988.

Video - Santa Clarita City Founders Reminisce • SCVTV 10-19-2009.

City of Santa Clarita Public Library Annual Report, FY2012-13 • 8-27-2013.

Video - City of Santa Clarita: 2013 in Review • City of Santa Clarita, 12-20-2013.

Video - Santa Clarita 2015: A Virtual Tour • City of Santa Clarita, 8-17-2015.

Video - Santa Clarita: Fulfilling the Dream | The First 30 Years of Cityhood • SCVTV 2018.

City Formation

FULL BOOK - "Santa Clarita: The Formation and Organization of the Largest Newly Incorporated City in the History of Humankind" by Carl Boyer 3rd, Second Edition 2015.

LW3551 - Santa Clarita: The Book by Carl Boyer (Story, 2005).

City Founders Reminisce
Legacy: Carl Boyer III Legacy: Jo Anne Darcy

LW8501 - Press Kit: City of Santa Clarita Feasibility Committee, 10-14-1985.

LW2614 - Santa Clarita Valley City Formation Committee Membership Donation Form, ~1985.

L.A. Mayor's Saugus State Prison Plan Fans Flames of CityhoodNews Reports, November 1985.

LW3197 - Application for the Incorporation of the City of "Santa Clarita," 12-17-1985.

LW8602 - Boundary Map of Proposed 90-Square-Mile City, 1-2-1986.

LW2612 - Santa Clarita Cityhood Petition No. 000001, 6-29-1986.

BW8601 - Pre-Cityhood Chamber Meeting in Pardee House, ~1985-1987.

LW2691 - City of Santa Clarita Formation Committee Logo, 1987.

GT8702 - Photo Gallery: Santa Clarita Cityhood? First Public Forum, 1-13-1987.

BW8704 - Cityhood Campaign Office, 1987.

LW3070 - Public Opinion Poll Results: Question of Santa Clarita Cityhood, February 1987.

LW3071 - The Case for Cityhood: Formation Committee Addresses LAFCO, 2-25-1987.

LW3059 - Arthur Young CPAs Predict 22% Budget Windfall for Proposed City of Santa Clarita, 9-18-1987.

LW3072 - Storyboard for Cityhood Campaign TV Commercial, 1987.

BW8703 - 1st City Council Inauguration Program Book, 12-15-1987.

Audio Recording of First Santa Clarita City Council Meeting • 12-15-1987.

Slide Show Presented During First Santa Clarita City Council Meeting • 12-15-1987.

LW3060 - City Formation Committee Kicks Off Voter Registration Program to Get More Funds From State, 12-1-1987.

CW9901 - A Brief History of the Push for Self-Government in Santa Clarita, by Connie Worden-Roberts, 1999.

City Council

BW8702 - 1st City Council-Elect: Darcy, Boyer, Heidt, Koontz, McKeon; November 1987.

LW3149 - 1st City Council's New Year's Resolutions, SCV Magazine, Winter 1987-88.

SC8801 - 1st City Council, 1987-1990.

SC9610 - 5th City Council, 1996-1998.

SC9801 - 6th City Council, 1998-2000.

SC9611 - Jan Heidt, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-2000.

SC9501 - Jo Anne Darcy, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-2002.

SC9010 - Carl Boyer III, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1998.

LW2530 - Dennis M. Koontz, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1987-1990.

SC9612 - Jill Klajic, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1990-1994 & 1996-2000.

LW2529 - George Pederson, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1992-1996.

CS9601 - H. Clyde Smyth, Ed.D., Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1994-1998.

SC1312 - Frank Ferry, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998-2014.

SC1311 - Laurene Weste, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 1998—.

SC1310 - Robert C. "Bob" Kellar, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2000—.

SC0010 - Cameron Smyth, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2000-2006, 2016—.

SC1313 - Marsha A. McLean, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2002—.

SC1314 - Timothy Ben "TimBen" Boydston, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2006-2008 & 2012-2016.

SC1401 - Dante Acosta, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2014-2016.

SC1709 - Bill Miranda, Santa Clarita City Council Member, 2017—.

City Administration

SC9020 - George A. Caravalho, City Manager 1988-2002.

Video - Carl Newton, Santa Clarita City Attorney 1987-2011, Tribute 12-11-2010

Obituary - Carl Kenneth Newton, Santa Clarita City Attorney, b. 1931 d. 2015

Video - Kenneth R. Pulskamp, City Manager 2002-2012.

SC1202 - Kenneth W. Striplin, Ed.D., City Manager 2012—.

SC8901 - Grand Opening of Canyon Country Park, 12-1989.

SC0100 - First Annual Birthday Run-Walk, 1990.

SC9301 - Grand Opening of Begonias Lane Park, 4-24-1993.

SC9404 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Tent City Hall (21 Views).

LW9401 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Tent City Hall (4 Views).

SC9403 - 1994 Earthquake: Inside City Hall, Multiple Images, 1-17-1994.

LW9502 - Formation Committee: Art & Glo Donnelly, Laurene Weste, 1995-96.

LW3140 - Creekview Park Groundbreaking, Newhall, 8-3-1996.

SC9701 - City of Santa Clarita's 10th Birthday Brochure, 1997.

LW3117 - City of Santa Clarita's 10th Birthday Ice Cream Party, August 1997.

LW3141 - Future Santa Clarita Central Park Site, 1998.

SC9802 - Santa Clarita Central Park Groundbreaking, 1998.

SC9901 - Map of City of Santa Clarita, 6-11-1999.

SC9902 - Photo Gallery: Santa Clarita Competes for All-America City Award, Philadelphia, June 1999.

SC2001 - Photo Gallery: Bridgeport Park Dedication, June 2000.

SC0201 - Copper Fire: Central Park Transformed Into Tent City for Firefighters, June 2002.

SC0301 - Santa Clarita Aquatics Center Grand Opening, Multiple Images, 10-18-2003.

SC0302 - City of Santa Clarita Scrapbook, 1993-2003.

SC0501 - Map of City of Santa Clarita, 2005.

SC0502 - Children March in Holiday Parade, Frolick in Snow, 12-10-2005.

SC0503 - Newhall Community Center Under Construction, 12/2005.

City of Santa Clarita 1987-2007: Celebrating 20 Years of Success (Book 2007).

Amgen Tour of California: A Tale of Two Cities (Santa Clarita, Pasadena) • Road Magazine 2008.

The Story of Newhall Redevelopment, 1997-2012 • City of Santa Clarita, 2012.

SC1204 - City Library's First Chinese New Year Celebration • 1-23-2012.

LW2467 - William S. Hart: Detail from Mural at Santa Clarita City Hall • Mural 2000, Photo 2013.

TV091613 - Santa Clarita Central Park Phase III Groundbreaking & Construction • 2013.

SC1305 - Public Art: "Archways" at McBean Park & Ride, 3 Views • 9-30-2013.

SC1502 - Santa Clara River Trail Bridge Installed Over L.A. Aqueduct Pipe • 3-11-2015.

SC1708 - Time-Lapse Video: Construction of Connie Worden-Roberts Memorial Bridge at Golden Valley/SR-14 • 2016.

Lyons Ave.-Dockweiler Extension • Draft EIR, 8-16-2017.

Jo Anne Darcy: A Celebration of Life (Video)City of Santa Clarita, 11-12-2017

LW3165 - Councilman Dennis Koontz with Wicks' "Wiley Canyon Bridge" Cartoon • 12-15-2017.

Video - Origins of the 1898 Iron Horse Trail Bridge, by Robert Schwemmer • March 2022.

Canyon Country Community Center

TV1801 - Video: Canyon Country Community Center Site Clearance (Demolition) 3-20-2018.

SCV Sheriff's Station, Golden Valley Road

SC1806 - Groundbreaking: SCV Sheriff's Station, Golden Valley Road, Photos & Video, 7-25-2018.

SC1807 - Groundbreaking: Permanent Fire Station 104, Golden Valley Road, 8-9-2018.

Jobs Creation Overlay Zone: New Zoning Allows 5-Story Buildings at Saugus Speedway, Pine Street, Industrial Center, more; Approved 7-9-2019.

Video: City Council Adopts Resolution of Intent to Switch to District-based Elections, 3/19/2020.

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