Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Bouquet Canyon
also Texas Canyon; Leona Valley;
Hughes, Elizabeth and Munz Lakes

Cañon del Buque: Origin of Name, Martin Ruiz Adobe, Suraco Family, Tiburcio Vasquez • Parks 1929.

La Laguna de Chico Lopez, aka Elizabeth Lake • Parks 1929.

The Fiery Dragon of Elizabeth Lake Los Angeles Times 8-1-1886.

LW3265 - The Winged Monster of Elizabeth Lake • Old West, Fall 1969.

L.A. Times Traces Great Meteor of Aug. 7, 1901, to Deadman's Canyon Los Angeles Times 9-1-1901.

Saugus Division Aqueduct Workers Angered by Pay Cut, Spoiled Food • News reports, 1909.

Plum-Bouquet-Vasquez Cyn. Area: Geology of a Portion of the Humphreys Quadrangle • Flint 1939

HB1903 - Homesteading at Elizabeth Lake: Reminiscences of Arnold Munz, 2-27-1971.

Lake Hughes Brush Fire, August 1951

US5101 - Brush Fire, Munz Resort Area, 8-26-1951.

LW2960 - Fire Burns in Hills Above Lake Hughes, Late August 1951.

Investigation of Earthquake Safety of Bouquet Canyon Dam • CalTech, September 1964 (.pdf)

3,500-acre Blaze Destroys World's Largest Live Oak Tree; Arson Suspected • September 1964

About Lake Elizabeth, Lake Hughes & Munz Lake • LARWQCB 2007

Trash Total Maximum Daily Load for Elizabeth, Hughes & Munz Lakes • LARWQCB 2007 (.pdf)

Lombardi Ranch Pumpkin Festival History & Original Music Video • 2012-2013

LARC Ranch Story By Kathleen Sturkey

GR0803 - Ruiz-Suraco Adobe, ~1870.

GR0801 - Ruiz-Suraco Adobe, 1898.

GR0802 - The Suraco Family, ~1900.

PL&P Elizabeth Lake Switching Station

LW2701 - Pacific Light and Power Co. (Later Edison) Switching Station with Operator's Cottage, Elizabeth Lake. 2 Views, May 1911.

LW2700 - Pacific Light and Power Co. (Later Edison) Switching Station, Elizabeth Lake. 2 Views, 12-13-1916.

BG1101 - Pacific Light and Power Co. (Later Edison) Switching Station, Elizabeth Lake. 15 Views, October 2011.

Big Oaks Lodge

Special Times at Our Big Oaks Lodge, by Jeff Logian, 8-12-2018.

LW3507 - Art Logian's Postcard of the Big Oaks Lodge, 1950s.

New Owner for Big Oaks Lodge: Dee White • The Signal, 8-24-1980.

LW3379 - Baseball Cap: Jerry Quarry's Boxer Training Camp at Big Oaks Lodge, 1980s.

DI1201 - Photo Gallery: Big Oaks Lodge Interiors & Exteriors, July 2012.

HB1829 - Photo Gallery: Big Oaks Lodge Burns Down, 8-11-2018.

LP1801 - Photo Gallery: Aftermath of Big Oaks Lodge Fire, 8-12-2018.

LW3480 - Elizabeth Lake Postcard; Postmarked Roosevelt (Lake Hughes), 1921.

US3001 - Ruiz-Suraco Adobe, 2 Views, ~1930.

AU3501 - Ruiz-Suraco Adobe Ruins, 2 Views, 1935.

GR0800 - Ruiz-Suraco Adobe Ruins, ~1940.

LW2419 - Elizabeth Tunnel Construction (L.A. Aqueduct), 1910.

DI1301 - Family or Group Outing to Elizabeth Lake, 5 Views, 1910s-1920s.

LW2118 - Map: Auto Road, San Fernando to Caswell's via Bouquet Canyon, 1920s.

LW2118d - Map Detail: Location of New Era School in Bouquet Canyon, 1920s.

DI2201 - Touring in Mint Canyon (1922) and Elizabeth Lake (1923), 7 Views.

LW2942 - LaSalle Touring Car in Bouquet Canyon ~1928.

RB0010 - Swimming at Bouquet Falls, 1930s.

LW2471 - Lake Hughes Trading Post (The Rock Inn), 2 Views, 1930s.

LW3263 - Matchbook Cover: Manzanita Room, Munz Lakes Resort, Earliest 1932.

HS9012 - Menu from Locust Tree Grill at Munz Lakes Resort, ca. 1940s.

LW2823 - Lake Hughes Trading Post (The Rock Inn), ~Late 1940s, 2 Different Publications.

Bouquet Dam & Reservoir

LW3573 - Photo Gallery: Bouquet Canyon Dam and Reservoir Under Construction, September 1932.

AL2063 - Bouquet Canyon Dam Replaces The St. Francis, 8-24-1933.

LA3401 - Bouquet Dam & Reservoir Under Construction, 4 Views, 1933-1934.

DI3401 - Officials Raise Spillway Gate to Fill Bouquet Canyon Reservoir, 3-28-1934.

DI4002 - Bouquet Reservoir, ~1937.

LP3301 - Bouquet Reservoir, 1930s.

DI4003 - Bouquet Reservoir at Sunset, 1940.

Postwar Roadside Respite: Bouquet Canyon Lodge, aka Bo-Can Club, 1940s-1970s.

LW3504 - Canoeing on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, ~1940.

LW2492 - Boating on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, ~1940s.

DI4004 - Boating on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, ~1940s.

LW3114 - Boating on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, 1940s.

LW2947 - Camping at Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, 1947.

LW2374 - Lake Hughes (Clarence Austin) Monument, ca. 1940s.

JN4701 - Sorting Potatoes in Bouquet Canyon, 1947.

LW2490 - Herman Benz Family, 8-5-1950.

LW2641 - Spring Valley Ranch Resort, Lake Hughes, Postcard 1950s.

LP5402 - Bouquet Falls, 5-16-1954.

Juvenile Probation Camp Joseph Scott to Open • Dedication 5-12-1958.

LW3381 - Explorer Bivouac (Verdugo Hills Council BSA), Munz Lake 1959.

LW3678 - 2 Women at Entrance to Munz Lakes Resort ~1960.

LW3699 - Munz Lakes Resort: Boating on Lake, Souvenir Postcard 1962.

OX6101 - Huntsinger Turkey Ranch, early 1960s.

LW2469 - Canyon Meadows American Baptist Conference Center, 5 Views, 1970s.

LW3342 - Newhall-Saugus Lions Club: Los Cantiles Park, Cloissone Pin, 1970s.

LW2981 - Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust Mine.

LW2728 - Silver King Mine, Texas Canyon. Multiple Views, 3-23-2013.

LW2382 - Powerhouse Fire, May-June 2013. 105 Views.

LW2375 - Monument to Clarence Austin, Lake Hughes Founder-Developer. 2 Views, 8-25-2013.

LW2477 - The Rock Inn. 23 Views, 8-25-2013.

LW2507 - White Volcanic Tuff in Bouquet Canyon, 10-20-2013.

SR1302 - Preston Foster's Los Robles Ranch, Bouquet Canyon Road, 11-13-2013.

LW2704 - Blue Cloud Movie Ranch: Katherine Heigl in "State of Affairs," NBC 2014.

LW3120 - 2 Mortars, 2 Pestles, Discovered in Bouquet Canyon, 1920s-1930s.

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