Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Soledad Canyon


Tom Mitchell of the Soledad • Book by Richard F. Mitchell, 2002.

Commodore Perry Dyer, Pioneer of the Soledad by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 2002.

John Lang Finds Valuable Chromite (Chrome Iron) Deposit L.A. Times/San Francisco Chronicle, 11-19-1885.

Locomotive Jumps Track, Rolls Down Hill, Nobody Killed Fresno Morning Republican, 2-1-1898.

Florence Merriam Bailey's California Journal, Incl. Saugus and Soledad Canyon, 1907.

Tales of Lang and Soledad by A.B. Perkins • The Signal, March 1961

LW3254 - Southern Pacific's Historic Soledad Canyon Link • Pacific News, April 1984.

LW3316 - Railfanning on Southern Pacific's Saugus Line • Pacific Rail News, November 1991.

Story of the Sulphur Springs School by Leon Worden • The Signal, 3-5-1997

Alfred L. Clark's Solemint Store by Harriett Farnsworth, June 1945

Historic Fault Movement: Deposition and Deformation in the Northern Soledad Basin • W.R. Muehlberger, Doctoral Thesis, CalTech, 1954.

Solemint Junction: A Happening Place to Be by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, July 2001

Solemint's Early Neighbors: Memories of Mary Warmuth Sathre and Friends by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, August 2001

Family Memories from Sulphur Springs. by Dick Held, 9-27-2001

Mining and Ranching in Soledad Canyon & Antelope Valley by David Earle, January 2003

Timeline: History of the Soledad Canyon (Cemex) Mining Project. BLM, 2-11-2004

MRCA Acquisition of Robin's Nest Property (2018).

AP3129 - Ravenna Train Station, c. 1900.

AP1805 - Sulphur Springs School (2 Views), c. 1910s.

AP2226 - Thomas F. & Martha Mitchell's permanent home in Soledad Canyon, built 1888.

JM4901 - Partial List of Sulphur Springs School Pupils, 1886-1915.

VS0000 - Joseph & Minnie Warmuth and Family, Sand Canyon (Multiple Views), 1920s-30s.

DI3010 - Family Outing to U.S. Forest Service Campground, Soledad Canyon, 1930.

AP2406 - 6-S Ranch Airpark (1946-1960).

JE3801 - Alfred L. Clark, Founder of the Solemint Store, ca. 1935-1937.

AL2086 - Solemint: Freak Vegetables & Frek Fish Postcards, Some from Solemint Store, 1940s-50s.

AL2087 - Greetings From Solemint, California: Linen Post Card, 10-10-1944.

LW2004 - Solemint Store, Post Card, 1946.

HS9009 - Solemint Store: Real Photo Post Card, ca. 1950.

LW2093 - Solemint Store, Color Post Card, 1950s..

AP2904 - Map of Gemstone Mines at Ravenna, February, 1957.

California KKK Holds Rally, Fake Cross Burning in SCV, 9-17-1966.

LW2139 - Demolition of Dillenbeck's Market, 1995.

JK0017 - Soledad Canyon Mining Operations, Multiple Views, 1967-70.

JK0066 - Southern Pacific Railroad Features, Multiple Views, 1967-70.

JK0025 - (28) Views from Soledad Canyon Road, 1967-70.

JK7001 - Film: SP Freight Train Through Soledad Canyon, Acton-Ravenna Area, ~1970.

JK7002 - Film: SP Freight Train from Newhall Pass Through SCV to Acton, ~1970.

LW3229 - A Final SP Excursion: No. 6459 Enters Soledad Tunnel, April 1971.

LW3546 - Louisiana-Bound SP 4449 Pulls Daylight-Painted Train Through Soledad Canyon, 5-12-1984.

Gillibrand Soledad Canyon Mining Operations (Titanium Mining): Final Environmental Impact Statement, ANF 1991.

LW2144 - Lang Hotel Foundation, 9-5-2001.

LW2156 - Curtis Sand & Gravel Mine (2 Aerial Views), 4-7-2002.

SC1705 - "Heroes" (TV Series) on Location at City's Soledad Mine Property, 2006.

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