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Last Spike Connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco by Rail, 9-5-1876 (Multiple Views), 5-4-2012.

Tales of Lang and Soledad by A.B. Perkins • The Signal, March 1961

Story of the Sulphur Springs School by Leon Worden • The Signal, 3-5-1997

A Golden Spike: Completion of the Rail Line at Lang Stationby Marie Harrington, 9-5-1976

Golden Spike Centennial • Illustrated Historical Program, 9-5-1976.

Story of the Golden Spike at Lang Stationby Gerald M. Best, 9-5-1976.

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Press Kit: Lang Station Golden Spike CentennialSeptember 5, 1976.

The Golden Spike: The Chinese Contributionby Emma Louie, 9-5-1976.

Photo Gallery: Golden Spike Quasquicentennial (Multiple Photos), 9-5-2001.

Event Marks 125th Anniversary of Golden Spike by Amber Joy Blair • The Signal, 9-6-2001.

Remarks at Lang's 125th Anniversaryby March Fong Eu, 9-5-2001

Golden Spike Joins Rails in Soledad Canyon: Contemporary Accountsby Alan Pollack, 9-2010

An "Odd Couple" and Twenty Mules: The Fortune of the Sterling Borax Company in California's Santa Clarita Valleyby Edward Keebler, 12-13-2010

Ulexite from Lang (Tick Canyon), Calif. by William Foshag, American Mineralogist 1918.

Veatchite, A New Calcium Borate from Lang (Tick Canyon) by George Switzer, Harvard University | American Mineralogist 1938.

Crystallography & X-ray Measurements of Tick Canyon Howlite by Joseph Murdoch, UCLA, American Mineralogist 1957.

GT8703 - Gillibrand Titanium Mine: From Site Tour (1987) to Federal Approval (1991): Photo Gallery, News Reports.

John Lang and the 1,600-pound Grizzly Bear of 1875 John Lang Letter to L.A. Herald, 7-17-1875.

Advertisement for John Lang's Sulphur Springs Hotel Los Angeles Herald, 6-15-1886.

John Lang's Friends Drop In for Surprise Party Los Angeles Herald, 5-12-1887.

SP Lang Station Burns Down Los Angeles Herald, 8-15-1888.

Sale of John Lang's Ranch News Reports, 1886-1889.

John Lang: Biography During Life, with Bear Story Pen Pictures | Illustrated History of Los Angeles County 1889.

Locomotive Jumps Track, Rolls Down Hill, Nobody Killed Fresno Morning Republican, 2-1-1898.

The Other Great Fire of 1906: Blazes Erupt at Lang Hotel and Pico Oil Field by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, 3-2015.

HS7530 - Original Portrait, John Lang Family, ~1889.

LW3275 - Lang Locator Map.

HS3023 - The Original Golden Spike.

HS3021 - Charles Crocker, Southern Pacific President, 1870s.

HS3022 - Leland Stanford, Central Pacific President, 1870s.

HS3024 - Chinese Track Layers, 1876.

LW2726 - Southern Pacific Connects with Central Pacific, Map 9-9-1876.

HS9026 - Postcard, Handwritten by James G. Lang, Ordering Eggs, 3-6-1888.

DZ1002 - Lang Station with Helveys, Heittes, Petersons, c. 1910.

DZ1001 - Sterling Borax Co. Dinky Locomotive with Edith Helvey, c. 1910.

AP1813 - Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon (4 Views), c. 1910s.

DH2102 - Dinky Locomotive at Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon, pre-1921.

US36748 - Golden Spike's Golden Anniversary Celebration & Reenactment, Multiple Views, 1926.

Film Clip - John Wayne at Lang Station in "The Lucky Texan," 1933-34.

LW2905 - Bear Canyon-Saugus CCC Camp (8 Views), 1935-36.

HS3601 - Lang Station, 1936.

LW2493 - Lang Station with Car on Siding, Water Tower, 3-5-1957.

LW3574 - Lang Station, n.d. (~1950s).

HS5825 - Lang Station, 1958.

HS1000 - Lang Station, 1960s.

JK0019 - Lang Station & Semaphore, Color, 1967-70.

JK0011 - Lang Station Water Tank, Color, 1967-70.

JK0009 - Lang Station: 1957 State Historic Landmark Plaque, circa 1970.

TO7601 - Photo Gallery: SCV, Chinese Historical Societies Celebrate Golden Spike Centennial at Lang, 9-5-1976.

LW3251 - Commemorative Cover: SPRR Lang Station Golden Spike Centennial, 9-5-1976.

JK0010 - Lang Station: 1976 Plaques, 9-5-1976 ff.

LW2057 - Lang Station Golden Spike: Collector's Plate, 1996.

LW2144 - Lang Hotel Foundation, 9-5-2001.

LW2545 - Vegetation, Debris Obstruct Lang Station Historic Markers, 9 Views, 12-22-2013.

LW2611 - Map: Nike Missile Battery; DTSC Cleanup Site, 2014.

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