Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures
Mojave Desert

The Mojave River and the Central Mojave Desert: Native Settlement, Travel and Exchange in the 18th and 19th Centuries • David D. Earle, 2005.

CA-LAN-192: Lovejoy Springs and Western Mojave Desert Prehistory - L.A. County Public Works, March 2009.

Coso Obsidian Economic Exchange System, Western Mojave Desert • Mark R. Faull, 2006.

They Turned Joshua Trees Into Paper Pulp by Evalyn Slack Gist • Desert Magazine, January 1952.

Mining and Ranching in Soledad Canyon & Antelope Valley by David Earle, January 2003

L.A.-Kern Recycled Water Project EIR (2008): Paleontology, Tataviam & Kitanemuk Prehistory, AV History. 2008.

Miss Antelope Valley 1945-2012.

LW2628 - Santiago Garcia Adobe, Little Rock Creek ~1885.

LW3189 - Small Bedrock Mortar, Little Rock Creek. Photographed 2-24-2018.

LW2053 - Stock Certificate, Sanchez & Soledad Mining Co. Color.

LW3218 - Wildflowers in Bloom, Standard Oil Advertising, 1930s.

LW0311 - Native American Reburial in Palmdale, 3-11-2006 (28 Views).

Lw3302 - Burham Canyon Pictographs: Kitanemuk, Tataviam, Kawaiisu Birthing Cave. Photographed 6-3-2018.

Death Valley '49ers

The '49ers in Death Valley: A Tentative Census by Carl I Wheat, So. Calif. Historical Society Quarterly, Dec. 1939.

HS9401 - William Lewis Manly's Death Valley Routes, Hand Drawn, 1894. Color.

Reunion of Death Valley '49ers Who Found Salvation in SCV • The San Francisco Call, February 1913.

Tropico / Rosamond

DD1890 - Wind Sailing on Rosamond Dry Lake, 1890s.

DD1891 - Stuckey Home (First Commercial Building) in Rosamond, c. 1890.

MJ1201 - SPRR Rosamond Depot, 1912.

LW1023 - Abandoned Tropico Gold Camp, Rosamond, 10-23-2007 (4 Views).

LW2371 - Abandoned Tropico Gold Camp, Rosamond, 4-21-2013 (11 Views).

Randsburg Area

LW2361 - Rand Mining District Map.

KW4901 - Butte Lode Mill at Randsburg, ~1949.

LW2369 - Relics of Gold Mining Operations at Randsburg, 4-13-2013. Multiple Views.

LW2370 - Gold Mine Shaft Entrance, Randsburg, 4-13-2013. Multiple Views.

LW2366 - Garlock Ghost Town. Multiple Views, 4-13-2013.

LW2364 - Garlock Post Office Building, 4-13-2013.

Cerro Gordo, Owens Valley, Owens Lake

LW2372 - Cerro Gordo Mining Camp, 4-21-2013 (82 Views).

LW3324 - Cerro Gordo Mining Town: Drone Video 2018.

LW2629 - Cerro Gordo Mines: Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns, Owens Lake, Color Postcard ~1950s.

LW2797 - Wealth & Water for L.A.: Owens Lake Views; Relics at Keeler, 5-22-2015 (40 Views).

LW2372 - Owens Lake from the Yellow Grade Road, 4-21-2013 (3 Views).

LW2837 - CA-INY-272: Swansea Petroglyphs (Solar Observatory?), Owens Valley, 3-27-2016 (60 Views).

LW2838 - Bedrock Mortars, Independence, Owens Valley, 3-26-2016 (11 Views).

HB2003 - Photo Gallery: American Hotel, Crapo House, Ice House at Cerro Gordo Lost to Fire, 6-15-2020.

Los Angeles Aqueduct

LW2420 - Jawbone Siphon (L.A. Aqueduct), Early 1910s.

LW2839 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Equipment, Owens Valley, 1908-1913. (28) Photos 2016.

LW3171 - Jawbone Siphon, Souvenir Postcard, ~1960s.

LW2840 - Jawbone Siphon, 3-27-2016 (26 Views).

Antelope Valley Indian Museum (See also Great Basin Cultures)

Piute Butte: A Preservation Planning Study by Edra Moore, SCA Proceedings 2009.

LW2555 - Antelope Valley Indian Museum Building, 7 Views, 12-28-2013.

LW2555 - Piute Butte, AV Indian Museum State Historic Park, 2 Views, 12-28-2013.

HB1401 - Anthropomorphic Rock Feature (Female Fertility), Piute Butte, 4 Views, 7-26-2014.

Exploring Mojave Desert

Patton in the Desert - At Chiriaco Summit by Linda Castro,, 7-23-2015.

Finding Fossil Falls in the Coso Range by Linda Castro,, 8-27-2015.

Death Valley National Park: Protected for the Future by Linda Castro,, 3-17-2016.

Trona Pinnacles by Linda Castro,, 1-19-2017.

Shoshone Town: A Great Pit Stop by Linda Castro,, 2-16-2017.

Wildrose Charcoal Kilns by Linda Castro,, 3-16-2017.

The Snake Oil Salesman of Zzyzx by Linda Castro,, 4-20-2017.

Borax: The Twenty Mule Team by U.S. Borax Inc., 1980s-'90s.

Borax Story: Separating Fact From Fiction by Ted Faye • Borax Pioneer, 1999.

"Over the Range to the Golden Gate" (Excerpts: Descriptions of Newhall, Camulos, Mojave Desert, etc.), 1896 (1884).

AL2061 - Pacific Coast Borax Company, Postal Envelope, Postmarked 10-23-1891.

LW2018 - Mule Team Hauling Borax, Color Postcard, Used in 1908.

LW2023 - Mule Team Hauling Borax, Undated Postcard. Color.

CN7101 - U.S. Borax: 1971 Annual Report.

LW3365 - Borax 20 Mule Team Scale Model Assembly Instructions, ~1980s.

Sterling Borax - Agua Dulce/Lang

Philip Scorza Explores the Sterling Borax Mine 2007

Description & History of Borate Mining in Tick CanyonCA Div. of Mines 1954.

An "Odd Couple" and Twenty Mules: The Fortune of the Sterling Borax Company in California's Santa Clarita Valleyby Edward Keebler, 12-13-2010

Stephen T. Mather: From SCV Borax Magnate to Founder of the National Park SystemExerpts from "Steve Mather of the National Parks" by Robert Shankland, 1951.

Tick Canyon: Richest Borax Deposit Ever FoundLos Angeles Times, 11-17-1907.

Origins of the Sterling Borax Co.Acton Rooster 1907-1908.

LW3076 - Corporate Seal Embosser, Sterling Borax Co. (Unique), 1908.

LW3632 - Sterling Borax Advertising Ephemera: Ink Blotter, ~1910s.

SW_LAN04 - Panorama: Sterling Borax Mine, Mill, Camp, 1912.

SW_LAN15A - Sterling Borax Employee Camp & Tailings.

SW_LAN16D - Sterling Borax Mine: Dinky Locomotive Wreck.

SW_LAN18B - Sterling Borax Mine Shaft Headframe.

DZ1001 - Sterling Borax Co. Dinky Locomotive with Edith Helvey, ~1910.

AP1813 - Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon (Multiple Views), ~1910s.

AP1809 - Machine Shop Crew at the Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon, 1915.

DH2102 - Dinky Locomotive at Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon, pre-1921.

FT2101 - Sterling Borax "Dinky" Locomotive with Ernest Moore & Ben Truex, 1914-1918.

Teacher from Pasadena, 18, Hired for Lang/Sterling Borax School, Los Angeles Evening Express, 2/8/1923.

SW_LAN73 - Looking Up the Sterling Borax Mine Shaft, ~1984.

SW_LAN75 - Collapsed Timber in the Sterling Borax Mine, ~1984.

LW2362 - Tailings from the Sterling Borax Mine, 4-17-2013.

LW2381 - 2 Sterling Borax Mine Dwellings, 6 Views, 6-8-2013.

AL1401 - Tick Canyon Howlite Specimens in Smithsonian National Museum, 6-26-2014.

CN1901 - Tick Canyon Howlite Specimens.

Ulexite from Lang (Tick Canyon), Calif. by William Foshag, American Mineralogist 1918.

Veatchite, A New Calcium Borate from Lang (Tick Canyon) by George Switzer, Harvard University | American Mineralogist 1938.

Crystallography & X-ray Measurements of Tick Canyon Howlite by Joseph Murdoch, UCLA, American Mineralogist 1957.

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