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Description of Soledad Copper Mining District San Francisco Bulletin, 4-5-1862.

LW3525 - Copper Hill Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Soledad Mining District, 1863.

LW3524 - Occidental Copper Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Soledad Mining District, 1863.

Severe Storms Wash Out SCV Train Tracks, Bridges • February-March 1884.

Rail Worker Killed by Train, Which Engineer Dies After Separate Accident 3 Days Later News reports, May 1886.

Founder of Avalon Killed When Trains Collide at Ravenna Riverside Daily Press, 5-30-1893.

James O'Reilly of Hebrewville is Fined, Jailed for Selling Liquor without License • News Reports, 1894.

Locomotive Jumps Track, Rolls Down Hill, Nobody Killed Fresno Morning Republican, 2-1-1898.

Freight Train Jumps Track Near Ravenna, 2 Injured Fresno Morning Republican, 5-1-1898.

2 Killed When Locomotive Explodes Between Ravenna, Acton San Diego Union (AP), 9-21-1902.

Joshua Tree/Yucca Paper Mill

Joshua Tree/Yucca Paper Mill: Description of Manufacturing Process & Costs London: Journal of the Society of Arts, 3-21-1879.

BL4294 - Active Joshua Tree Paper Mill, 1880s.

BL4295 - Sawing Yucca at Joshua Tree Paper Mill, 1880s.

BL4296 - Loading Joshua Tree Pulp at Paper Mill near SPRR Ravenna Depot, 1880s.

They Turned Joshua Trees Into Paper Pulp by Evalyn Slack Gist • Desert Magazine, January 1952.

Exploring Conover Copper Mine for Green Gemstones by Jay Ellis Ransom • Desert Magazine, February 1957.

Alberta Platz Bell's Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.

LW2053 - Stock Certificate, Sanchez & Soledad Mining Co.

AP3129 - Ravenna Train Station, ~1900.

LW3295 - Southern Pacific Cab-Forward No. 4202 at Ravenna, 1940s-1950s.

LW3444 - SP Train Derailment in Soledad Canyon, 10-27-1956.

LW2627 - Conover Copper Mine, 3 Views, Desert magazine, February 1957.

AP2904 - Map: Rockhounding at Ravenna, Desert magazine, February 1957.

JK0070 - Ravenna, 4 Views, 1967-70.

HS9010 - SP Freight Train at Ravenna, Postcard, ~1970.

JK7001 - Film: SP Freight Train Through Soledad Canyon, Acton-Ravenna Area, ~1970.

LW3547 - Amtrak Excursion Train, 4-17-1988.

LW2266 - SP Engine No. 8315 at Ravenna, 9-18-1991.

Trailer: "El Camino Christmas" (Netflix 2017) at Middleton Ranch.

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