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Ethnography of Castaic by Jerry Reynolds • The Signal, n.d.

Castaic Range War (Chormicle-Jenkins)

The Story of Ranger Bill Jenkins of Castaic, 1835-1916 by Samuel Lanner Kreider, 4-16-1952.

Castaic Range War: Jenkins-Chormicle Feud Revisited by Dr. Alan Pollack, Heritage Junction Dispatch, Sept.-Oct. 2014.

Castaic Range War Left Up to 21 Dead, by Cecilia Rasmussen • Los Angeles Times-Metro, 4-15-2001

Murder Trial: Wm. C. Chormicle and the Castaic Range War • Los Angeles Times, 1890 (26 Parts)

LW3396 - 160-Acre Land Patent Issued Posthumously to Dolores Cook, 4-2-1891.

1910 U.S. Census: Fred & Frances Cooke and William W. Jenkins Families

NorthLake Development

Cultural Resources, NorthLake Specific Plan Area Los Angeles County, February 2007.

NorthLake NOP / Initial Study Los Angeles County, 3-24-2015.

NorthLake Project: Non-Applicant Appeal, 4/2018 (Hearing 9/2018).

Historic Graves on the Jenkins Lazy Z Ranch

Castaic Pioneers Properly Rebured by Leon Worden • Old Town Newhall Gazette, May-June 1998.

Tapia Ranch Development

Water Supply Assessment, SCVWA, June 14, 2018.

The Mysterious Gunshot Death of Margaret Routledge, 1-24-1916.

Air Mail Mishap Over Castaic: Pilot Parachutes to Safety, 10-26-1927.

Castaic Oil

Castaic Oil Company News reports, 1910.

Jenkins No. 1 Oil Well News reports, 1925.

LW3749 - Remains of 2 Ancient Bison Found in Castaic Oil Fields, 1950.

Construction to Start at New Jail in Castaic • The Signal, 12-2-1938

Marylynn Winkler (Butters), Heroine from Romero Canyon

LW3069 - Castaic High School Site: Jackson & Winkler Homesteads, 1922.

LW2596 - Heroism of 9-year-old Marylynn Winkler (Butters) Celebrated in True Comics strip 4-18-1943

VIDEO: Homesteaders of Romero Canyon with Marylynn Butters & Dave Weston Philip Scorza's Points of Interest, SCVTV, 2013

Fires Impact History of Winkler Homestead in Romero Canyon by Margie Anne Clark • The Signal, 9-23-2001

Army P-38 Fighter Crashes at Wayside in Castaic; Pilot Leaps to Death 6-30-1943

JK6001 - Annie Rose Briggs and the Ghosts of Castaic, • Long Beach Independent, 3-6-1960.

Bylaws of Castaic Area Town Council Inc. (CATC) 7-19-2000

History of Wayside Honor Rancho / Pitchess Detention Center • LASD, n.d. (2002)

Castaic Junction: James Dean's Last Stop Before Immortality? by Josh Premako • The Signal, 9-30-2005

SR-126/Commerce Center Drive Interchange

Castaic School District / Castaic Union School District

Castaic High School Site (Hart District)

Castaic High School Site: DEIR: Cultural Resources. The Planning Center | DC&E, July 2012

LW2442 - Maps & Renderings, Castaic High School Site.

TV1303 - Groundbreaking 5-8-2013.

LW3026 - Construction Update: Drone Video 6-5-2017.

LW3111 - Construction Update: Drone Video 9-5-2017.

LW3116 - Construction Update: Drone Video 9-20-2017.

LW3157 - Construction Update: Drone Video 11-21-2017.

LW3282 - Construction Update: Drone Video 4-18-2018.

LW3387 - Construction Update: Drone Video 8-21-2018.

LW0070 - Fish Canyon Bedrock Mortars & Cupules (2 Views).

LW0071 - Fish Canyon Rock Shelter.

LW0060 - Scallop Shell Fossils, Castaic Valley.

LW2597 - Tataviam Ceremonial Bar, 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig, 4 Views.

LW2598 - Tataviam Blue Steatite Cup, 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig, 5 Views.

LW2599 - Tataviam Projectile Points (4), 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig.

AP2205 - Dolores Cook Family and Cordovas at Cordova Ranch ~1886.

LW3190 - Ysidoro Garcia's Land Patent, Castaic, 1891.

AP2219 - William W. Jenkins' Lazy Z Ranch ~1895.

AP2221 - Castaic Train Station, 1909.

LW2709 - Edison Castaic Substation at Castaic Junction, December 1910.

LW2707 - Pacific Light & Power Co. (Later Edison) Castaic Patrol Station, 12-4-1916.

AP2211 - Sam Parson's General Store and Castaic Post Office, ~1917.

AL2301 - Metal-truss Auto Bridge Across Santa Clara River at Castaic Junction, Color Postcard (mislabeled Castaic Creek), 1920s.

EJ2807 - Auto Bridge at Castaic Junction: St. Francis Flood Damage, 1928.

HR2001 - Ridge Route: Speed Limit Warning Sign, Castaic, 1920s.

LW2026 - Castaic Valley & Lake (near Lebec), Color Postcard, c. 1920s.

LW2579 - Castaic Junction: Location of Estancia & Milk House, 3-18-1928.

HS2811 - Telephone Company Crew, 3 Miles West of Castaic Junction, ~1928.

SG0923 - Norman C. Winkler Homestead in Romero Canyon, 12 Views.

AC3103 - Road Through Castaic Junction, 7-25-1931.

AL2098 - Downer's La Torre Cafe in Castaic, Official San Joaquin Valley-Sierra Visitor's Guide, 1937.

HB3901 - Bill Barbour's Silver Championship Buckle, 1939 Castaic Rodeo.

HS4001 - Newhall Ranch House at Castaic Junction, n.d. (early 20th Century), Multiple Views.

LW2975 - Tip's Restaurant, Castaic Junction, Wooden Menu, ~1940s.

LW2817 - Tip's Restaurants, Wooden Menu, ~1950s.

Castaic Saddle Club (1949-1989); Various News Reports.

HS5910 - Castaic Clay Manufacturing Co. (Castaic Brick), 1959.

LW2148 - Tip's Restaurant Matchbooks, 1950s-60s.

SK6201 - Photo Gallery: Newhall and Castaic in the Snow Storm of January 1962.

FT6101 - Dedication of Trueblood Roadside Rest, Castaic, 7-31-1961.

CP6001 - Trueblood Roadside Rest, Castaic, 1960s.

LW2928 - Site of Trueblood Roadside Rest (4 Views), Castaic, 2017.

LW2861 - Club Castaic Matchbook Cover, n.d.

GZ0301 - Equestrian Event at Castaic Saddle Club Arena, 1970s.

LW2820 - Matchbook Cover: J's Coffee Shop & Castaic Junction Restaurant, 1976.

LW3470 - Matchbook Cover: Castaic Landing Restaurant, 1976-1988.

JD9002 - Photo Gallery: President George H.W. Bush Dedicates North County Correctional Facility, 3-1-1990

Gallery - Alvino Romero's 1912 Homestead Cabin in Romero Canyon, 13 Views, 3-28-2014.

Gallery - Ruins of Norman Winkler's 1921 Homestead House in Romero Canyon, 8 Views, 3-28-2014.

Gallery - Ruins of Auto Bridge Over Santa Clara River at Castaic Junction, 23 Views, 5-5-2014.

Castaic Area: Owner Donates 226 Acres in Marple Canyon to MRCA, 1-2-2019.

LW3761 - Winkler Homestead Road: Past and Future Meet at Castaic High School, 10-13-2020.

Castaic Lake (DWR Reservoir)

Construction Begins on Castaic Dam Compass (Pacific Telephone Co.), 8-8-1966.

WA1801 - DWR Photo Gallery: Castaic Dam Under Construction, 1967-1970.

LW3481 - Report: Squadron of Giant Tillers Speed California's Castaic Dam, Towner Mfg. Co., ~1969.

SK7001 - Aerial View of Castaic; Lagoon Under Construction 12-5-1970.

LW2494 - Boat Launch at Castaic Lake, April 1972.

SG7201 - Supervisor Warren Dorn Stands in Patrol Boat at Castaic Lake Afterbay Opening, 5-22-1972.

LW2470 - Supervisor Warren Dorn and Amean G. Haddad at Castaic Lake Dedication, 7-12-1972.

WA1980 - Castaic Lake Water Agency Facility at Castaic Lake, 1980.

Trailer: Roger Corman's "Dinocroc," Filmed at Castaic Lake (2004).

WA1501 - Drought-stricken Castaic Lake Reservoir at 33 Percent of Capacity, 2-19-2015.

New Home Communities

HB1815 - Encore by Larwin: Floor Plans, 1988-1989.
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