Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Rancho San Francisco (Newhall Ranch)

Rancho San Francisco: A Study of a California Land Grant by Arthur B. Perkins, June 1957

Where Once Were Cattle... by Ruth Waldo Newhall • Old Town Newhall Gazette, Spring 1997.

Evolution Of The Local Rancho, Old Town Newhall Gazette, Mar.-Apr. 2006.

Reunion of Death Valley '49ers Who Found Salvation in SCV • The San Francisco Call, February 1913.

A Study of the Planned Subdivision at Newhall Land and Farming Company, Stanford Research Institute, December 1953.

Air Pollution at Newhall Ranch: A Report on the Potential Threat of Smog; Newhall Land, 12-7-1954.

Newhall Ranch Project

Newhall Ranch Study: California's first gold? (Part 1 of 3) by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-14-1996.

Newhall Ranch Study: Prehistoric Inhabitants (Part 2 of 3) by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-21-1996.

Newhall Ranch Study: Latin Conquest (Part 3 of 3) by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-28-1996.

LW3028 - Newhall Ranch Marketing Brochure, 1990s.

Landmark Village (Phase 1)

JJ2003 - Diseño Map: Rancho San Francisco (SCV).

LW2526 - Del Valle Cattle Branding Iron, Rancho San Francisco (1830s-40s), 6 Views.

LW2570 - Diseño of Rancho San Francisco, Early 1840s, 3 Views.

LW2052 - Ygnacio del Valle, Landowner.

LW2706 - Del Valle Family Livestock Ledger, 8 Pages, June-July 1853.

HS7001 - Map of Partitioned Rancho San Francisco, 1-13-1870.

HS7401 - Rancho San Francisco: Plat Map, June 1874.

HS9028 - Envelope Addressed to Ygnacio del Valle, Postmarked Newhall, 6-2-1884.

AP1606 - Harvesting Wheat in Future Valencia, 1897. Multiple Views.

US2213 - Combine Harvesting on the Newhall Ranch, 2 Views, ~1900.

RN1701 - Newhall Land & Farming Co. Stock Certificate, Issued 1917.

US8391 - Flock of Sheep on the Newhall Ranch, ~1940s.

JN4902 - Flock of Sheep on the Newhall Ranch, ~1940s.

JN4101 - Arthur Duran at the Feed Lots, 2 Views, 7-4-1941.

LW2975 - Tip's Restaurant, Castaic Junction, Wooden Menu, ~1940s.

LW2817 - Tip's Restaurants, Wooden Menu, ~1950s.

JN5501 - Emilia Appelzoller Duran, Newhall Ranch resident, pre-1963.

TN6701 - Birth of Valencia: Souvenir Title Report, 8-20-1967.

LW3702 - Stock Certificate: The Newhall Land and Farming Company, 12-18-1978.

LW3713 - Original Artwork for Stock Certificate, The Newhall Land and Farming Company, 1984 (Unique).

LW2603 - Bivalve Fossil in Conglomeration, Potrero/Newhall Ranch, 4 Views.

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