Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

See also SCV Healthcare (HMNMH Etc.)

Postwar Growth Of The Santa Clarita Valley by Leon Worden • The Signal, February 1997

The Story of Valencia, California, and Its Rancho Background by W.W. Robinson, June 1967.

Video - SCV History Moment: Valencia's REAL Birthplace • 5-4-2012.

A Study of the Planned Subdivision at Newhall Land and Farming Company, Stanford Research Institute, December 1953.

Human Remains Encountered During Construction: Hydraulic Research, 1968 • News reports.

MS0009 - 2 Steatite Bowls Unearthed at Hydraulic Research Site, Valencia, October 1968.

LW3807 - Grinding Stone, Rye Canyon (Chaguayanga).

"Come Home to Valencia" Sales Brochure • ~1969.

HMNMH: Newhall Hospital Group Chooses Executive Board • Van Nuys News, 2-9-1971

Story of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital • 2012

Video: Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Auxiliary | 50 Years 1962-2012 • 10-16-2012

Sunkist Growers Moving Headquarters to Valencia • 8-12-2014

AP1606 - Harvesting Wheat in Future Valencia, 1897. Multiple Views.

AP1907 - Kellogg Home in Saugus (Valencia), ca. 1920s.

JN4102 - Lillian Duran at Newhall Land Irrigation Reservoir, Pre-Valencia, 1940s.

MG5801 - Happy Valley, Looking Toward Future Valencia, Jan. 1958.

NL6301 - Valencia Concept: Hilltop High-Rises, ca. 1963.

NL6501 - Victor Gruen's Valencia Town Center Concept, 1963-65.

TL6403 - Old Orchard Shopping Center Under Construction, 4 Views, Fall 1964.

Valencia Country Club: Bill Hawley, Winner, 1st Annual Duffers Tournament, 6-3-1966.

TN6701 - Birth of Valencia: Souvenir Title Report, 8-20-1967.

Old Orchard I (First Subdivision)

HB1710 - Park, Paseos, Streets, Late 1960s.

HB6701 - New Single-Family Home on Avenida Rondel (Old Orchard I), December 1967.

HB6801 - Old Orchard I Clubhouse Pool with Greg & Mike Hammermeister, Sept. 1968.

HB7401 - Mike Hammermeister Shoveling Snow in Old Orchard I, 1-4-1974.

Old Orchard Elementary School

HB6901 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1969/70 Grade 2.

HB6902 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1969/70 Grade 4.

HB6903 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1969/70 Grade 5.

HB7001 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1970/71 Grade 3.

HB7002 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1970/71 Grade 5.

HB7003 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1970/71 Grade 6.

HB7104 - Old Orchard Elementary School Graduation Ceremonies, 1971 & 1976.

HB7101 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1971/72 Kindergarten.

HB7102 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1971/72 Grade 4.

HB7103 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1971/72 Grade 6.

HB7201 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1972/73 Grade 1.

HB7202 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1972/73 Grade 5.

HB7402 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1974/75 Grade 3.

HB7504 - Old Orchard Elementary School: 1975/76 Grade 4.

TN6901 - McBean Parkway Before Henry Mayo Hospital, 1968-69.

Ranch House Inn

LW2862 - The Ranch House Coffee Shop & Restaurant at Valencia (Ranch House Inn), Advertisement 1969.

LW3601 - Ranch House Inn Motor Hotel and Restaurant, Souvenir Postcard, 1970s.

LW7001 - County Civic Center Groundbreaking, 2-11-1970.

TN7201 - Bob's Big Boy Restaurant, Valencia Boulevard, 1972.

LW2460 - Remodel & Toppers Pizza Rendering, 2013.

LW2550 - Farm Workers Harvest Onions, 6-30-1972.

HS7901 - Newhall Ranch House at Original Location in Valencia, 1970s-1980s.

HM8301 - Groundbreaking for Expansion, Henry Mayo Hospital, Early 1980s.

LW2230 - Gas Station Scene in John Carpenter's "Christine," 1983.

JL8301 - Gas Station in John Carpenter's "Christine," 1983.

HB8401 - ZZ Top "Legs" Music Video & Candids, Old Orchard Shopping Center 1984.

GT8610 - Signal Newspaper Office Construction, 24000 Creekside Road, 9 Views, 1-6-1986.

GT8602 - Valencia Monogram at I-5 & McBean. 2 Aerial Views, 1-19-1986.

GT8901 - Medfly Eradication with Malathion, 1989-1990.

GT9001 - Decoro Drive Under Construction and Arroyo Seco Junior High, ~1990.

Album - Valencia Town Center: Thematic Art Album, n.d. (1992).

LW9410 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Homes Destroyed on Via Onda, Valencia Hills. 4 Views.

LW2810 - 1994 Earthquake: Demolition of 23918 Via Onda, Valencia Hills, 10 Views.

LW9410 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Valencia Industrial Center Damage. 2 Views.

LW9410 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Valencia Library Collection Moved Outdoors.

HM9801 - Ribbon Cutting: Henry Mayo Hospital Donor Wall, 9-3-1998.

SC2001 - Photo Gallery: Bridgeport Park Dedication, June 2000.

L.A. Lakers' Kobe Bryant in McDonald's Commercial, Valencia Glen Park, 2001.

LW2157 - Valencia Town Center (2 Aerial Views, Oversized), 4-7-2002.

LW2158 - Valencia Country Club Golf Course (Aerial View), 4-7-2002.

NL9901 - Newhall Land & Farming Co. Executive Bios, 1990s to Date.

LW2478 - New Construction: Dapper Dan's Car Wash, 2013.

SC1305 - Public Art: "Archways" at McBean Park & Ride, 3 Views • 9-30-2013.

SC1405 - Planning Documents: Oakmont Senior Apartments, Newhall Ranch Road, 7-1-2014.

SC1702 - "Atypical" (TV Series) on Location in Valencia, 2016-2017.

Santa Clarita Diet Ep.101: Hammond House in Valencia, Netflix 2017.

LW3527 - Galpin Saturn Remodeled Into Porsche Dealership, 3/2019.

Valencia High School

LW3142 - Valencia High School Under Construction, Summer 1994.

LW2423 - Frontier Days Parade: Valencia High School Band & Flag Team, 1995.

HD1503 - Valencia High School Marching Band & Colorguard, 2015-2016.

Video - Maiden Voyage Returns: First Class Memories (Class of 1997) • Video by Koren Young, 2017.

Video - Words of Wisdom from Valencia High School's First Graduating Classes, 1997 and 1998. • Video by Koren Young, 2017.

West Ranch High School

Pinecrest School (PreK-6)

UCLA Film Archive

SC1317 - UCLA Film Archive Contstruction, 2013.

26501 McBean Parkway (xValencia Blvd.)

Fire Guts The GreensSCVTV Video, 11-6-2011.

TV1503 - Demolition of The Greens at Valencia, Muliple Views, 1-15-2015.

SC1601 - New Hotel, Restaurant Planned for "Greens" Property, 2016.

New Home Communities

HB1822 - Original Meadows: Floor Plans, 1969.

HB1816 - New Meadows (School Area): Floor Plans, 1975.

HB1821 - Meadows West: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1976.

HB1828 - Vista Ridge: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1976.

HB1811 - Meadows East: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1977.

HB1819 - Discovery Homes: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1979.

Entrada South Project

Executive Summary, Draft EIR, April 2015.

Project Description, Draft EIR, April 2015.

Cultural & Paleontological Resources, Draft EIR, April 2015.

College of the Canyons

See also Canyon Country Campus, COC Foundation

COC Educational Master Plan, 2016-2022.

COC Facilities Master Plan, 2017-2022.

College of the Canyons: 30th Anniversary, 1969-1999

College of the Canyons: 35th Anniversary, 1969-2004

College of the Canyons: 40th Anniversary, 1969-2009

College of the Canyons: 44th Anniversary, 1969-2014

Board Picks Contentious "Santa Clarita" Name for District (1967), "Canyons" for College (1969).

CO6701 - Aerial View: Site of Future COC Valencia Campus, Late 1960s.

Poll: Most JC-Bound Hart Grads Pick New Hometown College • The Signal, 6/1969.

COC Opens with 800 Students on Hart High Campus • The Signal, 9/1969.

CO6901 - Temporary COC Campus at Hart High School, 1969.

CO7001 - COC's Second Board of Trustees, 1969-1970.

CO7002 - COC "Instant Campus," 1970.

LW3061 - Program Book: Dedication of Permanent COC Campus, 10-26-1970.

COC Football, Season 1 Game 7: COC vs. Victor Valley, 10-31-1970.

CO7003 - COC Athletic Field, Early 1970s.

CO7202 - COC Modular Buildings, Early 1970s.

COC Honors 43 Athletes at 2nd Winter-Spring Awards Banquet, 5-20-1971.

CO7101 - COC's First On-Campus Graduation, 1971.

COC Football: Undefeated Cougars Shut Out Desert College to Make Playoffs, 11-20-1971.

CO7201 - COC Marketing Brochure with IRC Rendering, Early 1970s.

Photo Gallery: COC Fashions, Valencia Portable Campus • The Signal, 3-15-1972.

COC Trustee Francis T. Claffey: Postmaster at Newhall (1964), Saugus (1973) • The Signal, 6-14-1972.

Photo Gallery: Olympian Sets New U.S. Record (Women's Javelin) at COC Track Meet • The Signal, 7-27-1972.

No More Portables: Voters OK $8 Mil. Bond Measure to Complete College of the Canyons for 7,500 Students, 2-6-1973.

Student Bill Leach a Semi-Finalist for Calif. Community College Awards, 3-28-1973.

CO7304 - COC Cougar Stadium Under Construction, 1973.

Dr. William G. Bonelli Instructional Resource Center (IRC)

CO7303 - COC Instructional Resource Center Under Construction, 3 Views, 1973-1974.

CO7401 - Gov. Ronald Reagan at IRC Dedication, 2 Views, 4-22-1974.

CO7401 - COC Physical Education Center Under Construction, 1975.

CO7501 - COC Men's Cross-Country Team, 1975 State Champions.

LW3659 - "Goldengirl" (1979): James Coburn, Susan Anton at College of the Canyons.

CO8801 - COC Administrative Leadership Team, 1988.

Conservation Easement: Oak Tree Preservation Areas, College of the Canyons, 10-30-2002.

COC122612 - Demolition of COC Adminstration Building, 12-26-2012. Video & Multiple Images.

CO1301 - COC Culinary Arts Building: 5 Renderings, 2013.

CO1310 - COC Culinary Arts Building: Groundbreaking (x2), 2013.

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook: 25 Years at the Helm of COC • College of the Canyons, 7-1-2013

One-On-One with COC Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook • College of the Canyons, Fall 2013

COC Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook Receives Key to City of Santa Clarita, 10-26-2013.

Video - COC's 45th Birthday Celebration (Ceremony), 9-22-2014.

Gallery - COC's 45th Birthday Celebration (Photos), 9-22-2014.

CO1501 - Doreetha Daniels, 99, Makes History as COC's Oldest Graduate, Multiple Views, 6-5-2015.

Trump Taps Onetime COC Trustee Don Benton to Head Selective Service System • The White House, 4-10-2017.

Obituary: John McElwain, COC Vice President of Communications (Ret.), 1947-2018 d. 9-7-2018

COC Local History Project (2009)

Doreetha Daniels, Agua Dulce Resident, 4-14-2009.


TN6501 - "A New Campus for Cal Arts" - in Placerita Canyon. Printed Matter 1965-66.

TN6903 - Trustees Launch Funding Campaign to Build CalArts, 3 Views & Press Release, 3-19-1969.

TN6904c - Dr. Robert W. Corrigan, President, 3-19-1969.

TN6904a - Harrison A. Price, Chairman of the Board, 3-19-1969.

TN6904d - Roy O. Disney, Trustee, 3-19-1969.

TN6904b - G. Robert Truex Jr., Trustee; Chairman of Planning & Development, 3-19-1969.

TN6902 - Program: The Great Ground Breaking, California Institute of the Arts, 5-3-1969.

LW2606 - California Institute of the Arts Under Construction (3 Views), 1969.

AR7001 - Opening Day at Interim Burbank Campus, 1970.

LW2305 - Mel Powell, Founding Dean, CalArts School of Music.

Photo Gallery: Back from Hanoi, Jane Fonda Lectures on Vietnamese Culture at CalArts • The Signal, 3-29-1973.

AR8501 - Actor Don Cheadle at CalArts as a Student, 1982-1986.

JB9101 - Saugus, Newhall, Valencia in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," 1991.

Bio: Stephen Hillenburg (CalArts MFA '92), Creator of SpongeBob Squarepants.

HB0001 - CalArts 2000 Alumni Reunion Class Ring by Brad Oldham, Gift of Paul Reubens.

Ed Fella, Graphic Design Faculty, Presents Last CalArts Lecture • CalArts 4-19-2013.

Video - Disney & Pixar's John Lasseter Receives Honorary Doctorate from CalArts, Delivers 2014 Commencement Address• 5-16-2014.

LW2738 - Jorge R. Gutierrez, Writer-Animator-Director ('The Book of Life'), CalArts MFA 2000.

Leo F. Hobaica Jr., CalArts Character Animation Faculty Member, 1946-2014 CalArts, 12-30-2014

Fran Bennett Retires from CalArts School of Theater After 36 Years CalArts, 1-8-2015.

"Become Ocean" by John Luther Adams (CalArts 1973) Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize in Music, Grammy

AR1502 - John Baldessari Studios Dedicated, 3-10-2015.

VIDEO - John Baldessari Receives 2014 National Medal of Arts, 9-10-2015.

CalArts Graduation 2016: Don Cheadle, Wadada Leo Smith Receive Honorary Doctorates, 5-13-2016.

Meet Ravi Rajan, President of California Institute of the Arts • élite Magazine, February-March 2020.

Magic Mountain

Newhall Land Issues Debt to Build Magic Mountain SEC News Digest • 1969-70.

SR9602 - Initial Construction, Multiple Views, 1969-1971.

SR9605 - Metro Under Construction, 1970.

SR9606 - Funicular Under Construction, 1970-1971.

MM0100 - Sky Tower Under Construction, 1970-1971.

LW2863 - Funscoming Spring 1971: Magic Mountain Pre-Opening Brochure.

LW2075 - Community Preview Night Ticket, 5-27-1971.

SR9607 - Grand Opening-Ribbon Cutting, 5-29-1971.

TN7101 - Magic Mountain: The West's New Family Funland • L.A. Times Advertising Supplement, 24 pp, 6/13/1971.

SR9613 - Park Map, 1971.

LW3633 - First Wall Map: Magic Mountain Amusement Park, 1971.

LW2123 - Magic Mountain Medal, Opening Year, 1971.

LW2803 - Small Porcelain Collector's Plate, Early 1970s.

LW2754b - Fountain & Valencia Falls, ~1971.

SR9609 - Eagles Flight, 2 Views, 1971 & 1973.

LW2754c - Log Jammer From Above, ~1971.

SR9610 - El Bumpo, 1971.

SR9611 - Galaxy, 1971.

LW2775 - Galaxy, Early Promotional Photo, ~1971.

SR9612 - Gold Rusher, 1971.

LW2754a - Circus Wheel, ~1971.

SR9608 - Entertainment: Sonny & Cher, September 1971.

LW2919 - Variety Show in 7-Up Showcase Theatre, 1970s.

MM0100 - Jet Stream Flume Ride, 1972.

SR9614 - Bloop & Bleep Troll Characters, Multiple Views, 1972-1985.

LW3605 - The Wizard and Trolls Greet Guests at Das Alpenhaus Restaurant, 1974-1980.

LW2922 - Clown Coaster, 1974.

LW2920 - Accordion Player, 1974.

LW2921 - Sleepy Petting-Zoo Goats on the Lam, 1974.

LW2260 - Das Alpenhaus Beer Stein, 1974-1985.

LW7601 - Photo Gallery: Magic Mountain Amusement Park Visit, 1976.

TN7702 - Booklet: Spillikin Corners at Magic Mountain, 28 pgs. (1977).

LW7702 - Troll House Ice Cream Factory & Water Wheel, 1976-78.

LW2856 - Western Airlines Sky Tower, 1977-78.

FILM - Colossus Roller Coaster Under Construction, 1977-78.

SW7801 - Colossus Roller Coaster Under Construction, 4-7-1978.

LW2275 - "KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park," 1978.

LW2267 - I Rode It! Colossus Pinback, 1978.

LW7901 - Grand Centennial Excursion & Buffalo at Magic Mountain, 5-16-1979.

SR8101 - Employee Handbook, Management Team, Park Map, Theme Park History, 1981.

SR9683 - Magic Mountain is Walley World in "National Lampoon's Vacation," 1983.

LW2615 - Actor Vincent Price on Jet Stream ~1985.

CW8601 - SFMM Fact Sheet: Shock Wave, 1986.

LW3790 - Magic Mountain/Heritage Juction: Repurposed Coach (1987-2001) from Original Colossus Roller Coaster (1978-2014).

1989 Valencia Valley Elementary School Yearbook.

LW2567 - Goliath Rollercoaster Under Construction, 2000.

LW3272 - Revolution Roller Coaster, Publicity Photo, Early 1990s.

A Ride on Gold Rusher, Video 2014.

LW3594 - Magic Mountain Scenes in "Lucifer" S.3.25 (Warner Bros. 2018).

Indian Dunes

LW3567 - Fold-out Brochure: Indian Dunes Family Motor Recreation Park, n.d. (1970s).

LW3607 - Fold-out Brochure: Indian Dunes Family Motor Recreation Park, n.d. (1970s), Later.

LW3576 - Indian Dunes' First Competitive Event • Road Test Dune Buggy Magazine, November 1970.

Larry Watkins of Saugus in 2-day Motocross Competition at Indian Dunes, Jan. 1971 • Valley News, 1-29-1971

DI7201 - FILM: Motocross Racing at Indian Dunes, January 1972.

LW3442 - FILM: Motocross Racing at Indian Dunes, 1970s.

LW3179 - Iron-on Transfer, 1970s.

LW3534 - Course of the Month: Indian Dunes • Dirt Bike, June 1973.

Highwaymen's Relic? Old Safe Unearthed at Indian Dunes • The Signal, April 1974

LW3548 - Robert Conrad at Indian Dunes in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" Ep. 1.09, 1976.

LW3651 - Robert Conrad at Indian Dunes in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" 1976-1978.

LW3483 - Motocross Riders at Indian Dunes, April 1978.

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