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Baptismal Data: Olegaria (SFR-B00905)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No. 00905

Spanish Name: Olegaria

Native Name: [blank]

Baptism Date: February 14, 1803*

Type of Baptism: + (normal)

Origin: Coaybit (now known as Camulos, Lower Piru Creek drainage)**

Ethnicity: India

Sex: F

Baptism Place: Yglesia de esta Mision (mission church)

Age: 1 year

Level: p (parvulo = child)


Name: Juan Francisco Solorzano***

Military Status: Soldado de Santa Barvara [sic; soldier stationed at the presidio at Santa Barbara]


Officiant: Francisco Xavier Uria

Recorder: Francisco Xavier Uria


Mission: San Fernando Rey

Record: SFR-D01348

Burial Date: November 12, 1819

* Typo? Others from Camulos were baptized Feb. 19; Olegaria was not a newborn.

** According to anthropologist Dr. John Johnson (lecture and p.c. 2015), Coa(y)— is one of several names for the area now known as Camulos. Of note, Rufina of Coayvet (SFR-B00959) was baptized the same day, and by the same officiant, as individuals whose home village was identified as Caamulus.

*** It was customary for Mexican military men (and occasionally their wives) to serve as godparents of newly baptized Indians. It is not indicative of a familial relationship.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
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