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Sand Canyon Plaza Mixed-Use Project.
Draft Environmental Impact Report.

Update: Project approved and Final EIR certified by Santa Clarita City Council on Sept. 12, 2017. An existing mobile home park at Sand and Soledad will be replaced with 580 residential units and commercial-retail space.

This EIR evaluates the proposed Sand Canyon Plaza Mixed-Use Project. The approximately 87-acre Project site is located immediately north of Soledad Canyon Road, east of Sand Canyon Road, north of State Route 14 (SR-14), and west of the Pinetree residential community in the City of Santa Clarita. The Project includes redevelopment of the property (currently developed with 123 mobile homes) with a mixed-use community including five Planning Areas as summarized below.

  • Planning Area 1 (Commercial) — Approximately 130,600 square feet of commercial floor including 55,600 square feet of general retail (including restaurants) and a 75,000- square-foot assisted living facility (up to 120 rooms) on approximately 10 acres. Planning Area 1 is located at the northeast intersection of Sand Canyon Road and Soledad Canyon Road.
  • Planning Area 2 (Apartments) — 312 multi-family rental units and required parking (including resident and guest spaces) would be developed on 12.2 acres. Planning Area 2 is located directly north of Planning Area 1 along Sand Canyon Road.
  • Planning Area 3 (Townhomes) — 122 townhomes with required parking (including resident and guest spaces) on approximately 10.1 acres. Planning Area 3 is located north of Planning Area 2 along Sand Canyon Road.
  • Planning Area 4 (Single Family Neighborhood A) — 71 single-family detached or attached condos with required parking spaces (resident and guest parking) on approximately 7.3 acres. Planning Area 4 is located in the central portion of the Project site north and east of Planning Area 2.
  • Planning Area 5 (Single Family Neighborhood B) — 75 single-family detached or attached condos with required parking (resident and guest parking) on approximately 10.0 acres. Planning Area 5 is located in the eastern and northern portions of the Project site.

The Project includes a total of 580 residential units. There are 123 mobile homes on-site that would be removed and replaced by the Project. Vehicular access to the Project site would come from Soledad Canyon Road and Sand Canyon Road. Two private driveways/streets would access Planning Area 1 (Commercial) from Soledad Canyon Road and Sand Canyon Road. Two private streets would access the remaining Planning Areas from Sand Canyon Road.

The Project would include grading approximately 2.2 million cubic yards of cut and fill balanced on-site. Additional remedial grading (850,000 cubic yards) would be necessary to accommodate the Project.

A Project EIR has been prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the state guidelines for the implementation of CEQA, and applicable City of Santa Clarita adopting procedures for implementation of CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines, including 15124 (Project EIRs) and 15120 through 15131. This EIR identifies and discusses potential Project- specific and cumulative environmental impacts that may occur if the Project is implemented. The intent of this EIR is to: 1) be an informational document that serves to inform public agency decision makers and the general public of the potential environmental impacts of a project, 2) identify possible ways to minimize or avoid any potential significant impacts either through mitigation or the adoption of alternatives, and 3) disclose to the public required agency approvals.

Download original .pdf here.
(Sand/Soledad, NE)

News Story 2015

Draft EIR March 2017

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