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Bouquet Junction Corners
Saugus, California

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Matchbook cover, Bouquet Junction Corners, 1950s. Inside is blank.

Anthony and Hilma M. Schmieder owned and operated Bouquet Junction Corners, aka Bouquet Junction Café and grocery store, at 21831 N. Bouquet Canyon Road, along with a gas station next door at 21825 N. Bouquet Canyon Road, from 1952 to about 1958.

Judging from the aerial views below, the enterprise appears to have been located on the west side of the junction of Bouquet and Soledad Canyon Road. Valencia Boulevard did not yet exist (except as an unnamed dirt road), and after the street renumbering of the late 1950s, the addresses 21831 and 21825 no longer existed in that area. The business is not listed in the 1957 or 1958 phone book, although Anthony Schmieder is listed as a resident of Saugus.

While Hilma Schmieder's 2003 obituary identifies the location as "the Saugus Junction," a 1958 news article places it at "the junction of San Fernando and Soledad Rd.," which was the same as saying Bouquet and Soledad, i.e., Bouquet Junction.

"Girlie"-type matchbook manufactured by Monarch Match Co. of San Jose, Calif., which was in existence from 1946 to 1966.

LW3469: 9600 dpi jpeg from original matchbook cover purchased 2018 by Leon Worden.
(Bouquet-Soledad-Valencia Blvd.)


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Bouquet Junction Corners 1950s

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