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Natural Gas Metering Station
Newhall, California

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April 8, 1955 — Newhall natural gas metering station, located near the southwest corner of Pine Street and Newhall Avenue (formerly called San Fernando Road).

Caption from the California Historical Society reads: "A row of thick, shining pipes sits in the foreground, delving into the ground at right. Each is connected to the metering station behind it, a small shed-like structure with metering devices on its inner wall. Behind the metering station, at right, stand five tall vessels, with pipes that stretch down to connect to a maze of piping. Lines from utility poles stream through the background, and a line of trees appears in the distance, at right. A large tree casts its shadow over the soil in the foreground, framing the photograph at left. Photoprint reads: Metering station for gas received from San Joaquin Valley and some coastal areas. Metered here and sent to Los Angeles."

LW2495a: 19200 dpi jpeg from California Historical Society collection in USC Digital Library.

Newhall Metering Station 1955 x2

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