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Termination of Waste Discharge Requirements for Breeze-Eastern Corp.
(Formerly Space Ordnance Systems), 25977 Sand Canyon Road

Order no. 89-16, Cl-6857, File No. 88-02, GlobalID WDR100000755.


Our letter of January 15, 2016, transmitted a tentative order to terminate Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. 89-16 (WDRs), and the associated Monitoring and Reporting Program, Cl No. 6857 for the disposal of treated groundwater at the facility located at 25977 Sand Canyon Road, Canyon Country, California.

Pursuant to Division 7 of the California Water Code, this Regional Board at a public meeting held on March 10, 2016, reviewed the tentative order, considered all factors in the case, and adopted Order No. R4-2016-0117 (a copy is enclosed) relative to the termination of the WDRs. No written comments were received related to the termination of the WDR.

Download original pdf here.
25977 Sand Canyon Road

2011: Modification of Discharge Requirements

2016: End of Monitoring

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