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Rancho La Salle.
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Rancho La Salle is, above all, a matter of style. Unique in its setting, layout, landscape and architecture, this private community was conceived to satisfy the discriminating demands of a select few. Comprising a total of 52 acres, La Salle Canyon cradles only 25 homes; each on deep lots of an acre or more, all carefully nestled among the ancient oaks and sycamores that shaded the land more than 75 years ago when it was the centerpiece of the old Rancho La Salle.

Today the canyon and its wildlife remain virtually untouched by civilization. The grassy glades beneath the cathedrals of oaks are still alive with quail, deer, coyotes, doves and raccoon; the blue skies overhead are still home to Cooper's and Redtailed hawks.

The 25 homes themselves are extraordinary pieces of architecture. All with trellised indoor atriums, sunken Roman garden tubs in the master baths, Monier tile roofs, lavish cedar siding, handmade stained glass windows ... the list goes on.

The homes of Rancho La Salle, however, must be seen. Conceived for those few who truly care about the total ambience of the setting and grace of the place they call home ... the canyon of Rancho La Salle.

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Wiley Canyon


Lassalle Vineyard 1922


Fire 1942


Lassalle Ranch 1963


Rancho La Salle Development 1978

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