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Tataviam Culture

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Family of Alice L. Garcia Mares (bottom row, second from right), Arleta, ~2008. Alice is a daughter of Louis Francis Garcia (a son of Chief Mary Cooke Garcia).

Bottom row, from left: Adriane M. Mares Cervantes (daughter of Alice), Mary Padilla Garcia (Alice's mother), Xavier K. Cervantes (son of Adriane), Alice, Angela T. Mares (daughter of Alice).

Top row, from left: Andrew Z. Carranza (son of Adriane), Peter L. Mares (son of Alice).

Descendants of Chief Mary Cooke Garcia (1901-1975) trace their ancestry to individuals who lived in the Santa Clarita Valley prior to European contact in 1769.

FF0801: 9600 dpi jpeg from color photocopy courtesy of Alice Garcia Mares.

Chief Mary, Louis F., Hearaldine ~1951

Louis F., wife Mary, daughter Alice 1962

Mares Family ~2008

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