Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Ambulance Service.

Information on earliest ambulance service in these parts shows that it was cared for from the Noble Parlors, San Fernando.

Later (dates so far not available), service was begun out of Saugus at a period very shortly before that begun out of Newhall, after which time the area was served by both Saugus and Newhall interchangeably.

Present owner and operator J.M. Davis
Since Sept. 1936
Location Corner of Spruce & Pico Sts.
Equipment LaSalle sedan ambulance
Area of service Eighteen miles
Day & night service Yes
Type of cases handled Accidental, private or non-emergency
Number of trips made in 1939 Approximately 100
Most outstanding trip was on July 19, 1939, on Edison Road near Mt. Gleason, due to difficulty of access.
Sources of information: Mr. J.M. Davis
Mrs. L. Householder
June 1940.

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