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Homeless Shelter to open year round

Santa Clarita homeless will be gaining a year round shelter after a city council meeting late this month. In a unanimous decision the Santa Clarita city council approved Tuesday night…

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Spotlight: Alan Ferdman

It took the joining of a motorcycle-racing club for Alan Ferdman to move to the Santa Clarita Valley, but it was the people and community that have kept him here for 49 years.

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COC Student Runs for City Council

Being the newcomer on any kind of scene is never easy. Thick skin and strong will are required. One must prove his or her validity and work hard to gain acceptance.

So is the case of Harrison Katz, the 19 year old college student turned local politician.

Katz is running for one of three seats available in this year’s Santa Clarita City Council elections. Yes, the odds are against him, not only due to his age, but also being a democrat running in what is widely regarded a conservative town. Yet none of this has stopped Katz from persevering.