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Opinion / by Skylar Barti -

The Rise of ESports

Video games have changed media drastically since the days of Pong, today those changes have pulled video games and sports together to make eSports. While not something entirely new, eSports…

Opinion / by Cougar News Staff -

Opinion: Obama’s Legacy Hinges on “Victory”

The topic of legacies is a highly subjective one, but there are two facts surrounding it. The first is that legacies are not built on words but on actions. The second is that the conduct of the individual will determine what kind of legacy he leaves behind. President Obama has started to build a negative legacy through his policies. The legacy of President Obama will be primarily known for the controversial passage of the health care bill.

Opinion / by College of the Canyons -

9/11: Nine Years Later

And once again we come upon 9/11. It is a day remembered as when 19 people got out of bed one morning and killed 3,000 of our fellow Americans. Americans of every race, creed, and background were afflicted by the attacks, and still are to this day.

Opinion / by Cougar News Staff -

Opinion: Budget Cutbacks Hurt Students

The entire country has been suffering from huge budget deficits and the sinking economy has affected most aspects of college life. College of the Canyons is a perfect example of an educational institution that has had to make sizable budget cuts within the past couple years.

Opinion / by Cougar News Staff -

Opinion: Pet Adoption Would Curb Pet “Farming”

The rights and well being of animals has been a consistent issue in the United States and many organizations have formed to support those in need. Statistics show that there are many animals and shelters in need of our help and there are simple things we can do to improve the lives of animals around the country.