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Experts speak about Fake News at COC

Just a few years ago most people were still reading newspapers daily. Although some people still enjoy holding that newspaper in their hands as they drink their morning coffee,studies are showing that more and more people are getting their news online. Mainly through social media.With that said,how do you know what is legitimate news and what is not ?. College of the Canyons held a much needed discussion on the topic of fake news earlier this month.

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The Islamic State

The threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria has reached an all time high. Last week President Obama announced to the world that the United States will lead a coalition of nations whose aim will be to degenerate the spread of ISIL’s control in the Middle East.

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March 26, 2014

In the latest edition of Cougar News, learn more about being prepared for a future large earthquake in Southern California.

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Spotlight: Jay Levine

Sound. Fascinating for the “know-how’s”, “indistinguishable” for
the everyday person and noticeable only when its BAD.

Recently we had the opportunity to ask Jay Levine; a Hollywood, Award winning, Sound Editor, what drove him to his “invisible career” and what did it take to be a Renowned Hollywood sound editor from a young aspiring Media Enthusiast living in Miami Florida.

For the past 4 decades he has been delighting us with Field Sound Recordings and Post Production services on some of the Biggest TV Shows in the industry, Being Awarded with a Golden Reel for TV Series “MacGuyver” and a Emmy for the TV series ” The ‘X’ Files” among countless nominations for diverse categories in sound.