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Opinion: Obama’s Legacy Hinges on “Victory”

The topic of legacies is a highly subjective one, but there are two facts surrounding it. The first is that legacies are not built on words but on actions. The second is that the conduct of the individual will determine what kind of legacy he leaves behind. President Obama has started to build a negative legacy through his policies. The legacy of President Obama will be primarily known for the controversial passage of the health care bill.

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Free Health Services at COC

The Health and Wellness Center at College of the Canyons has a mission: “To help keep students physically and mentally healthy so that they can succeed in school and life.” Scott Gerbacia takes a look the COC’s Health and Wellness Center, and all of the programs and services available to students at College of the Canyons.

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COC Students React to Health Care Debate

Health care reform has been at the forefront of Congress since the new president took office. After debating over the last year, President Obama and legislators still have not negotiated a compromise. A recent summit on health care reform had Americans buzzing about the issue.