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Spotlight / by anthonyponti -

Spotlight: Dr. Deems Morrione

Cougar News’ Anthony Ponti interviews College of the Canyons Political Science professor Dr. Deems Morrione. Covering a debated topic of gay rights within the government; specifically in the political science…

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Opinion: Within the Realm of Possibility

Why is it that if a child mutters, “When I grow up, I want to save the world and end world hunger,” the first thing that comes to one’s mind is, “Yeah right! Like world hunger is ever going to end!”? When the topic of world hunger is raised, people automatically label it as a cureless epidemic; however, although alleviating world hunger may not be within the range of probability, it is, nonetheless, within the realm of possibility.

Opinion / by Cougar News Staff -

Opinion: The Burden of the Future

A student of C.S Lewis once said, “we read to know we’re not alone.” Since the collapse of the housing bubble in late 2008, the daily focus of the media has been on the economy. Every major newspaper and television network in the country covers stories concerning how the recession affects local businesses and individual people. It is obvious to anyone who has observed and followed the economic dilemma, that the deficit and economy will only get worse.