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April 16, 2014

In the latest edition of Cougar News, the Cougar news team brings you a local connection to a terrifying bus accident in Northern California

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CHP cracks down on distracted driving

According to distraction.gov, in 2012, 3,328 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving, and 421,000 were injured. With the constant advancement of technology and connecting ourselves to the…

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March 26, 2014

In the latest edition of Cougar News, learn more about being prepared for a future large earthquake in Southern California.

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Protests not enough to sway council members on billboard proposal

The proposal will remove several billboards around Santa Clarita and develop three digital billboards (with six billboard faces) on three freeway-adjacent city-owned sites for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Metro will also receive a 50-year lease for the city-owned sites.

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March 12, 2014

In the first edition of Cougar News for the Spring 2014 semester, COC student journalists report on an attempted kidnapping at COC.

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Behind in the Count

In statistics, we are taught that numbers tell a story, and those numbers tell it like it is, because numbers never lie. However, sometimes the numbers on the surface don’t…

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Don’t open that umbrella inside

For generations superstitions have been apart of our culture. Ranging from avoiding cracks on the sidewalk to not opening an umbrella inside, superstitions have been an answer to our biggest problems and are often as a result of people believing there is something that they can do to control a situation.

News / by Tigran Martirosyan -

I-405 remains under construction

The completion date for the Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project’s were set for fall 2013. It is now winter of 2013, and and LA residents still find themselves detouring through city…

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December 4, 2013

This week Tyler Whiting, Melissa Lopez, and the rest of the Cougar News team explore the death of celebrity Paul Walker, find ways to enjoy your holiday season, and catch you up on College of the Canyons athletics this fall.

News / by Jesse Canales -

Local students provide charity work in Nicaragua

Here in the United States, clean drinking water is taken for granted. Even in the most impoverished areas residents have access to water fountains to quench their thirst, but in most third-world countries many citizens do not have that same privilege.

Newscast / by Cougar News Staff -

November 20, 2013

Watch Taylor Villanueva, Adam Schumes, and the rest of the Cougar Newsteam discuss what’s going on in Santa Clarita, including the death of a member from the valley, local sports, and the holidays.

Sports / by Tigran Martirosyan -

Breaking Boundaries

Jenna Mears isn’t the first female to play football, and she certainly won’t be the last, but her story travels beyond being a female football player. She’s also plays varsity…

News / by Kiana Nua, Staff Writer -

Positive Psychology brings a smile to the field

Psychology has been a field that has been mainly focused on the mentally ill, depressed, and the individuals that are below “zero” or “normal”. Psychologists are now researching the aspects of humans that allow us to go beyond “zero” or live a “happy life”. This field of psychology is now known as Positive Psychology.

Feature / by Jessica Pineda -

Making mistakes and making magic

I am striving to do my best work, create magic, and make the most of my time here. Hopefully, what I am doing here is just the sprout of what I dream will blossom into a career within Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

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No warning?

Baseball isn’t considered a violent sport, but some of its injuries can still be quite gruesome, and when you lack certain support that can prevent those injuries, there may be a…

Video / by Jesse Canales -

Heroin usage plaguing the SCV

Santa Clarita Valley like the rest of Southern California is facing a problem with the rise of drug usage. This year alone in SCV there have been a reported six deaths from heroin overdose.

More than 50 percent of arrests in SCV are drug related.

Sports / by Cougar News Contributor -

COC Womens Basketball

Dribble! Shoot! Take that ball to the hoop! The COC Womens Basketball team is getting ready to work hard this season and with high hopes hopefully adding one more year to that State Conference Championship Banner .

Spotlight / by Cougar News Contributor -

David Andrus

College of the Canyons Political Science Professor David Andrus took time out of his bust schedule to sit down and chat with us about his road to teaching, and what he does on his free time.

Spotlight / by CJ Schmid -

David Stears

College of the Canyons instructor David Stears has more to his life than just being one of the school’s theater program instructors.