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Campus Smoke-Free Policy Meets Resistance

College of the Canyons may be officially a “smoke-free” campus, but despite this, students can frequently be seen lighting up around school, typically in the former designated smoking areas located around the Honor Grove.

Under the new policy, smoking and tobacco usage is allowed only in the parking lots, at least 50 feet from any building, and in one designated area near Cougar Stadium. The change has been met with resistance from students who smoke, many of whom either don’t care, or seem unaware of the possible consequences, such as eventual expulsion, for smoking on campus ….

News / by Cougar News Staff -

Media Entertainment Arts Undergoes Facelift

If you are a student at College of the Canyons or have been on the Valencia campus lately you have seen that Mentry Hall is being expanded. What you may not see is the work that soon will start on the 3rd floor.
The Media Entertainment Arts Department has left the building and a brand new state of the art broadcast and teaching environment is moving in; at least it’s starting to move in.