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Spotlight: Larry Hurst

Larry Hurst is the director of the Art Gallery at the College of the Canyons. Hurst came in as an independent contractor to help build the building. The previous art…

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Gerard Burkhart

Gerard Burkhart, a photojournalist whose work was published in Newsweek, U.S News, World Report, USA Today, Washington Post, People, Der Spiegel, gave Cougar News an exclusive interview about himself, his photojournalism career, and what inspired him to come to teach to College of the Canyons.

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Art Start Set To Begin

College of the Canyons artistic programs will open their doors to the public May 13 – 14 for the third annual ARTstART event to promote the arts and culture in Santa Clarita Valley.

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No Cameras Allowed in One COC Art Class

It’s true, at least in one classroom at COC. As you walk down the corridor of Mentry Hall, a variety of colorful and expressive figures adorn the walls. Something is going on, something vivid, something different but we see it everyday, the human figure. This is a day in life drawing.