Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Letter to Gov. Newton Booth.
Jan. 12, 1874.

    As your Excellency should feel an interest in the whereabouts of this vilen [sp], as I noticed Your Excellency offered one thousand estry [sp?] for the privilege of signing his death warrant, and also two thousand to the man that would be fool enough to give Vasquez the first shot, I send these publications, your men no doubt will ketch him if it can be done by following him with covered buggies and sulkies and letting all know their business, when every Meseieans [sp][Mexicans] will protect and shelter him, Vasquez is a good sholar [sp], and the Meseieans [sp] say a brave gentleman

    Truly Yours
    Varnum Westcott


    The man Vasquez is no worse than the professional legal plundeofs (plunderers?) that now infest the public offices.

Transcribed by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, Historian-Researcher
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