Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

St. Francis Dam Disaster
Security Pacific National Bank Collection

SP2605 - South Face of Dam.
SP2610 - Power House No. 2 Generators.
SP2620 - Power House No. 2.
SP2802 - Power House No. 2.

SP2810 - South Face of the Tombstone.
SP2812 - South Face of the Tombstone.
SP2814 - South Face of the Tombstone.
SP2816 - Inside Looking Out. (Oversized)
SP2817 - Eastern Abutment.
SP2820 - Eastern Abutment.
SP2822 - South Face of the Dam.
SP2824 - Piece of the Dam.
SP2826 - Dam Debris Cleanup.
SP2827 - Dam Debris Cleanup.
SP2830 - Eastern Abutment.
SP2850 - Piece of the Dam.
SP2851 - Former Reservoir Location. (Oversized)
SP2852 - Dam Disaster Floodpath.
SP2853 - Pieces of the Dam.
SP2854 - Dam Wreckage.

Note: Security Pacific National Bank, later aquired by Bank of America, donated copies from its extensive photograph collection to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society in the 1970s.