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Baptismal Data: Hipolito de la Assumpcion (SG-B01339).

Mission: San Gabriel

Baptismal No. 01339

Spanish Name: Hipolito de la Assumpcion

Native Name: [blank]

Baptism Date: August 22, 1786

Type of Baptism: + (normal)

Origin: Tochonàbit rancheria (variation of Tochonanga, Newhall area; "-bit" means "person from")

Ethnicity: Indio

Sex: M

Baptism Place: Yglesia (church)

Age: 8 meses (months)

Level: ni (niño = boy)


Spanish Name: gentiles (unbaptized Indian)


Spanish Name: gentiles (unbaptized Indian)


Name: Engracia del Espiritu Santo

Origin: Uchubit rancheria (variation of Juyubit, a Tongva village near the San Gabriel Mission)

Marital Status: Casado/a (married)

Name of Spouse: Leandro Chrisostomo


Officiant: Miguel Sanchez

Recorder: Miguel Sanchez


Mission: San Gabriel

Death No.: 00460

Burial Date: August 30, 1786

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.

Benjamin Joseph
• Baptism 1791 age 34
• Death 1799

Jose Maria (Seuyeuyeminasu)
• Baptism 1799 (adult)

Tomasa (Teuteu)
• Baptism 1800 age 34

Hipolito de la Assumpcion
• Baptism 1786 age 8mos

Estanislao (Cabuti)
• Baptism 1799 age 3

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