Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

New Stadium And Race Track

The Newhall Signal and Saugus Enterprise
A.B. Thatcher, Editor

Thursday, December 2, 1926

ork begins this week on a race track and stadium at the Baker Ranch a mile east of Saugus. Bob Anderson is the moving spirit and stated that the track will be one-quarter of a mile, but will be built wide and heavily banked at the turns, making it equal to a straight track with the additional advantage that every bit of the races can be plainly seen from the large stadium that will be constructed.
    Races will be planned for every Sunday afternoon during the racing season, and it is planned to make the attractions so that nationally known horses and horsemen will be seen in competition. The work will be hurried to completion as fast as possible.
    With Mr. Anderson's experience as a race and rodeo manager, the sport loving public are [sic] sure to find good entertainment at these meets.

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