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Psychics Investigate Heritage Junction

Cindy Ralles
SCV Historical Society docent Cindy Ralles accompanies a group of paranormal investigators through the Kingsburry House at Heritage Junction Historic Park in Newhall. Photo by Mason Poole-The Signal.
By Liane Klein
Signal Staff Writer

Monday, August 12, 2002

team of professional psychics entered Heritage Junction Sunday to answer a question that members of the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society couldn't help but wonder: Is this place haunted?
    Before conducting their investigation of paranormal activities, the group of psychics swore they had not received any previous information about Heritage Junction or any of the buildings scattered throughout the historical park.
    "You don't try to convince the skeptics you just do what you do," said Rob Wlodarski publisher and director of Friends of Ghosts. "It is just a shame to believe that this is all there is. It is all about curiosity and believing."
    Followed by camera crews and assistants taking notes, the group made its way through each building. Armed with floor plans and dowsing rods, a tool used by psychics to locate paranormal activity and to communicate with spirits, the psychics claimed not only to have seen, but were able to communicate with, spirits residing in several of the buildings.
    As psychic Ginnie McGovern entered the Kingsburry House, she said she saw the spirits of two children in a bedroom who disappeared through the wall.
    "They were not supposed to be in the bedroom. That is the adult's bedroom," McGovern said. "It's a little girl. She is showing me her dress. There is a boy with her also, his name is Daniel Drake."
    During the three-hour investigation, attention was turned to the Edison House where several of the psychics claimed to have felt a strong negative presence.
Rob Wlodarski
Psychic investigator Rob Wlodarski uses dousing rods to communicate with spirits at Heritage Junction. The crossed rods indicate a response. Photo by Mason Poole-The Signal.
    "We are not here to harm you. We are just here to investigate you," McGovern said to the entities of two people she believed did not want her in the house. "Something really ugly happened in here. They want us out of here. I am getting a strong sensation that someone was hacked to death or murdered."
    Psychic Alma Carrey also stepped into the Edison House on Sunday several minutes after McGovern had left and headed for the kitchen where she said she felt a doomed feeling.
    "All of a sudden the worst feeling I got was murder. I got the name Charles Valencia," Carrey said.
    Throughout the afternoon, psychics also wandered through the Saugus Train Station, the Pardee House, the Little Red Schoolhouse, Ramona Chapel and Mitchell Adobe.
    "It has always been my training that we do not always go into a building just believing," said psychic Victoria Gross.
    "We make sure to do our research afterwards to see what we can confirm and what we can't."
    "When you are dealing with historic places such as this, it can get a little difficult because you have psychics that are picking up energy from different eras," said Wlodarski. "We do this because we love to. You get to meet a lot of new people and I think it is just great for the Historical Society. There truly is so much to learn. It is all about curiosity and believing."

    Heritage junction is located at 24101 San Fernando Road in William S. Hart Park.

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