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                               THE  SAUGUS  STATION

          On  June  9 •  1876  Henry  Mayo  Newhall         granted  a  right-of way  across  his
          rancho  San  Francisco (later  Newhall  Land             and  Farming)  to  the  Southern

          Pacific  Railroad.                       Deed  in  the  California  State  Library
          Newhall  Station  was  dedicated  by  Southern  Pacific on  September  6 , 1876,

          Mr.  John  Gif·ford  being  the  first  station KLaster.  Niewhall.  was  then. lo-
          cated  direct~  acrosa  ( east)  San  Fernando  Rd.  from  the  Saugus  Cafe •. ·
                                      Mary  in  the  Newhall.  Library ··.

          The  welJLs  ran  dry  on  Jamuary  ].5,l.878- and  the  ·town.~  which  coimsisted  of  a
          bar,,,  hoarding_ house,,gemeral.  store  and  the.  depot  was  a.oved  3  south
          to  6th  a.1'll.d  Railroad  Ave:a.ues  by  February  1_6 ...
                                      A.B.  Perkins  - Unpublished  aLS.
          HeJmry  Gregory  liewhall.,  then  president  of  Newhall.  Land  aELd

          son  of  H.M.  Nei~hall)  sol.d  the· station grounds  and  "!"  to  S.P.  on  November
          30,1886.              Map  in  the  California  State  Library
              The  depot  was  to  be  call.ed -Saug,ua  at  the  request  of.  H.G.  H·ewhall.,  as
          that  was  the  birthplace  of  his  father  in Massachuttes.  It  is  a  Narrae;ansut

          I:tmdian  word  meaning  a  lomig  sandy  spit  of  land.
                                Ruth  Newhall.-History  of  the  Newhall  Ranch
              Saugus  Station  was  built  of  prefabricated  redwood  shipped  down  froa.
          a  111torthern  Califorma  forest  on  the  site  of  old  Newhall.  during  the
          summer  of  1887 ,:  Al.exander  Isaac  Fraser,  a  CcUlladian  °b)y  birth,.ilillstalled

         as  the  first  Station Master.
                                                 Jeallfie  w.  G.uaey ,.Grand  daug;lter.
            ·  01!11  August  20,.  I.887  an _ excursion.  train  from  fro•  Los  Angeles,. through

         Saugus,.over  to  the  coast,,  th.en  up  to  San.ta  Barbara  where  a  parade  aiilld
         grarud  fi'esta  was  held, ran  to  celehrat.e  tne  operuing  of  the  spur  li1n1e.
         On  the  return  trip, that  night.,_lla  defective  culvert  n.ear  the  Camiulos
         Ra:rnch  caused  the  cars>with  150  passe:migers.tC?  plung_e  doww  allll  emhalillkment-

         luckily  with  but  few  casualties."
                                         Harris  Newmark-60  Years  In  Souther1n1  California
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