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                                                          COU1VTY  OF LOS ANGELES

                                           DEPARTMENT OF  PARKS  AND  RECREATION

                                             433 South Vermont Avenue   Los Angeles, California  90020   (213)  738-2961
                                                                 Ralph S.  Cryder . ... Director

      BOARD OF SUPER VISORS            June  25,  1987
           Pete Schabarum
            First District
                                       Mr.  Max  Mahan,  President
            Kenneth Hahn
           Second District             Santa  Clarita  Historical  Society
                                       P.O.  Box  875
          Edmund Edelman               Saugus,  CA  91321
            Third District
                                       Dear  Mr.  Mahon:
             Deane Dana
           Fourth District                                           USE  PERMIT
                                           THE  SANTA  CLARITA  HISTORICAL  FACILITIES  AREA-1
          lvlike Antonovich                                     HART  COUNTY  PARK
            Fifth District
                                       You  -are  hereby  authorized  to  construct,  maintain  and  operate
                                       historical  museums  within  the  demised  premises  of  Area  1  as
                                       shown  on  Exhibit  A  located  within  Hart  County  Park.               In
                                       connection  with  this  permit,  you  are  authorized,  at  your  own
                                       expense,      to   construct     or    relocate    historical    buildings
            James Bishop               including,  but  not  limited  to  equipment  or  artifacts  that  have
                                       historical  significance  to  the  Santa  Clarita  Valley  area  and  to
           Arturo Chayra
                                       provide  and  install  the  necessary  utilities,  chain  link  fencing
             Gloria Heer
                                       and  landscaping  from  which  the  museum  operations  are  to  be
            George Ray                 conducted.  The  County  shall  provide  the  location  as  shown  on
         Douglas_ Washington           the  attached  Exhibit  A,  Area  1,  upon  which  you  may  install
                                       the  aforementioned  items.      All  installation  shall  have  the  prior
                                       approval  of  the  Department  of  Parks  and  Recreation  North
                                       Region     Assistant     Director     as    to    specific    construction
          FISH AND GAME                specifications.
          J.  Bradford Crow            The  term  of  this  Agreement  shall  commence  upon  execution
                                       thereof    by    the    Santa    Clarita    Val_ley   Historical    Society
         Bradley Nuremberg
                                       (hereinafter:    Society)  and  by  the  Director  of·  Los  Angeles
           Richard Kneer
                                       County  Department  of  Parks  and  Recreation  (hereinafter:
          George Kobayashi             Director),     and    shall   terminate     upon     the    earliest   date
           David Lippey                hereinafter  provided:

                                             December  31,  1991;  or  by  cancellation  thereof  be
                                             either  party  following  sixty  (60)  days  written  notice
                                             to  the  other  party.

                                       This  permit  is  granted  pursuant  to  the  authority  conferred  by
                                       the  Board  of  Supervisors  upon  the  Director of the  Department
                                      of  ·Parks      and    Recreation     by    Section    2. 26. 120   of   the
                                       Los  Angeles  County  Code  and  on  the  terms  and  conditions  set
                                       forth  in  this  permit  and  attached  addendum.

                                                                                                                          \.  j
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