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Located along the south side of Santa Susanna Pass Road near the entrance to Iverson Movie Ranch, the movie/tourist sets burned down in the wildfires of 1970. Since that time, the property has been regraded and subdivided into at least 3 separate parcels.


Photo to the left: Jerry Vance and Bob Bickston
(used by permission of Bob Bickston)
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Seldom used for filmmaking, it became infamous as the "hideout" for Charles Manson and his gang.

Most of the latter day filming at the ranch were by the forerunners of the adult film business.

At one time, it was owned by William S. Hart. The 511 acre ranch was a horse ranch that rented horses to the movie business.


Photo to the left: Donald "Shorty" Shea on left, Bob Bickston on right
(used by permission of Bob Bickston)
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For more vintage photographs of "Hangfire" (1968) from the Bob Bickston collection, CLICK HERE.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take the 101 Freeway west. Exit at Topanga Canyon Blvd and turn right (north). Turn left at Santa Susanna Pass Road. As you pass Iverson Road on the right, the entire area on the left is where Spahn's Ranch used to stand. Much of this movie site is on private property. Do not trespass.


"The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago" (Walnut International 1969) Directed by: Greg Corarito. Cast: John Alderman, Maria Lease, James E. Myers, Vicki Carbe, Whitey Wozniak, Reed Hadley, Shorty Shea.

"The Female Bunch" (Dalia Productions/Gilbreth 1969) Directed by: Al Adamson. Cast: Russ Tamblyn, Jennifer Bishop, Lon Chaney Jr., Alesha Lee, Geoffrey Land, Leslie McCrae.

"The Ramrodder" (1969) Directed by: Ed Forsyth and Van Guilder. Cast: Bobby Beausoleil, Jim Gentry, Marsha Jordan, Catherine Share, Kathy Williams, Kedrick Wolf.

"Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist" (1969) Directed by: Greg Corarito. Cast: Daryl Colinot, Richard Compton, Greg Corarito, Patty Roberts, Shorty Shea.

"Diamond Stud" (Grads Corp. 1970) Directed by: Greg Corarito. Cast: John Alderman, Vicki Carbe, Richard Compton, Ann Dee, Michael Greer, Robert Hall, Monika Henreid.

"Hard on the Trail" (1971) Directed by: Greg Corarito. Cast: Greg Corarito, Lash LaRue, Shorty Shea.