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Harry Carey Ranch
In San Francisquito Canyon


Harry Carey Ranch: Historic American Buildings Survey No. CA-2712 • JRP for NPS, 2001

LO2000 - HABS CA-2712: Harry Carey Ranch Survey Photos (86); Original Building Locations, 2000.

•Comprehensive history of the historic structures in San Francisquito Canyon.

Harry Carey Trading Post Brochure, 1920s. [.pdf].

Harry Carey Ranch Home Burns Down The Newhall Signal • 9-8-1932

Harry Carey Adobe Dedicated as County Park The Signal • 11-4-2005

VIDEO: Newsmaker of the Week: Harry Carey Jr. & Cappy Carey 11-20-2005

VIDEO: The Return of Harry Carey Jr. 5-30-2009

Harry Carey Jr. Photo Collection

Harry and Cappy Carey
[Watch the Program]

DC2101 - Harry Carey Sr. with Infant Dobe at the Ranch, 1921.

DC2603 - Olive Carey Working on the Saugus Ranch, n.d.

DC2302 - Harry & Dobe Carey with Charles M. Russell, Frank H. Spearman, Will Rogers' Kids, 1923

DC2207 - Actors Harry & Olive Carey at Home in Saugus, pre-1932.

DC2206 - Original Harry Carey Ranch House & Gate, pre-1932.

DC3007 - Harry Carey Overlooks His Saugus Ranch, n.d.

DC2301 - Trading Post, Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC3008 - Harry Carey and a Raccoon at His Saugus Ranch, n.d.

DC2203 - Wide View of the Harry Carey Ranch, pre-1928.

DC2201 - Charles M. Russell's Adobe Cabin at Harry Carey Ranch, pre-1928.

DC2202 - Horse Corral and Wooden Stables at Harry Carey Ranch, pre-1928.

DC2204 - John Ford Film Shoot at Harry Carey Ranch, n.d.

DC2601 - Ella (Cappy) Carey at Home, ca. 1925.

DC2604 - Olive Carey with Navajo Girl, pre-1928.

DC2602 - Dobe and Cappy Carey Playing with Navajo Kids, ca. 1925.

DC2501 - Navajo Family Living at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC2502 - Navajo Woman Cooking at the Trading Post, 1920s.

DC2505 - Navajo Woman at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC2506 - Navajo Women on Horseback at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC2606 - Navajo Indians Roman Riding at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC2605 - Navajo Riding Demonstration at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

DC2503 - Navajo Demonstration Shelter near the Trading Post, 2 Views, 1920s.

DC2504 - Navajo Silver Jewelry, 1920s.

DC3001 - Young Dobe Riding & Roping at Harry Carey Ranch, n.d.

DC3002 - Roping Cattle at the Harry Carey Ranch, n.d.

DC2205 - Harry Carey Sr. at Work on His Saugus Ranch, Post-Dam Break, 3 Views.

DC3004 - Harry Carey and ? with Flock of Sheep at Harry Carey Ranch, 1926-1927.

DC3005 - Harry Carey Feeding Horses & Livestock, Harry Carey Ranch, 2 Views.

DC3010 - Harry Carey Herds His Sheep at the Harry Carey Ranch, 1926-1927.

DC3009 - Harry Carey Tends His Sheep at the Harry Carey Ranch, 1926-1927.

DC3003 - Flock of Sheep in Pen at Harry Carey Ranch, 1926-1927.

DC2607 - Flock of Sheep in Pen at Harry Carey Ranch, 1926-1927.

DC3301 - Adobe Home at Harry Carey Ranch, ca. 1933.

DC6001 - Dobe's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

LW2087 - Harry Carey Ranch Overview, Postcard 1920s.

LW2135 - Harry Carey & Navajo at the Ranch Store & Trading Post, Postcard 1920s.

LW2167 - Interior of Harry Carey Ranch Store, Postcard 1920s.

LW2409 - Navajo Rug Room at Harry Carey Ranch Store Trading Post, 1920s.

HS0400 - Harry Carey Ranch Store Trading Post, 1920s.

AL2073 - Sign Leading to Harry Carey's Wild West, 1920s.

AL2501 - Tourists at the Harry Carey Ranch Trading Post, 1920s.

LW2071 - Indian Performers at Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

LW2124 - Baking Bread, Navajo Fashion, Harry Carey Ranch, 1920s.

Laemmle Gives Film Censors a Taste of Hollywood ... and Harry Carey Ranch • August 1921.

LW3361 - Will Rogers and Charlie Russell — Story by Arnold Marquis, 1967 (at Harry Carey Ranch, 1923).

LW3703 - Photo: San Francisquito Creek Carries St. Francis Floodwaters Through Carey Ranch, 3-13-1928.

LW2271 - Original Carey Ranch House in Photoplay Magazine, May 1928.

NT1002 - Harry Jr. & Ella Carey with Joan & Gerald Rübel, ~1940.

LW2278 - Harry Carey Ranch Bunkhouse, date unk.

LW3794 - Original Living Room Furniture, Harry Carey Adobe.

Tesoro del Valle

Homes Planned for Hog-Farm Site • L.A. Daily News, 10-5-1992.

LW2142 - Harry Carey Historic District at Tesoro del Valle, 8/14-15/2001.

SG1105 - Harry Carey Adobe Dedication, 11-3-2005.

LW3679 - Bedrock Mortar Uncovered at Tesoro Adobe Historic Park. Photographed 1-15-2020.
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