Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Notes on Artifacts from the Estancia.
E-mail from LEROY JOHNSON, Oct. 30, 2003.

    I hear the site of the San Francisco Rancho house is going to be developed. When [historian A.B.] Perkins excavated the site, and before he was finished, vandals came in and tore the site up looking for buried treasure. The remains were then dozed over the hill.
    In January 1973 I hired three kids to pick up artifacts on the hillside. They got mainly roof and floor tiles. I deposited some of the best samples in the Death Valley Museum.
    I hope you can lead a movement to do salvage archeology on the hillside and retrieve what might be left.

    LeRoy Johnson
    4916 Westridge Rd.
    Bishop, CA 93514

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