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Spotlight:Patrick Tague

Patrick Tague is an adjunct professor at COC who brings a new perspective to the Media program but gets to see the future of television by learning from his students everyday.

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Spotlight: Justin Tilton

Justin Tilton has spent most of his life playing America’s pastime. Now an 18-year-old college student, he has spent over a decade enjoying the great game of baseball.

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Spotlight: Don Kelley

In a mainstream world, though usually competing in competency or better, independent artists from all around the entertainment industry are not features you get too hear more than a quick soundbite on.

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Ron Mita

Imagination and creativity is what drives the entertainment industry and Hollywood blockbusters invite audiences to explore worlds not realized in real life. With the many positions and duties that it…

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David Andrus

College of the Canyons Political Science Professor David Andrus took time out of his bust schedule to sit down and chat with us about his road to teaching, and what he does on his free time.

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Jim Schrage

Jim Schrage does a lot for College of the Canyons. He is the Assistant Superintendent, Vice President, Facilities Planning, Operations & Construction, and General Manager for the COC Ice Hockey Program.

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Jennifer Pavia

Geology centers itself around the fundamentals of the Earth’s natural wonders and its processes. College of the Canyons professor, Jennifer Pavia, preaches everything Geology, from plate tectonics to minerals.

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Spotlight: Craig Beneke

Craig Beneke has taught at Saugus High School for 37 years. Beneke is meditates six times a day and he is also a vegetarian. Beneke is also a champion in…

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Spotlight: Karlen English

Karlen English may not be a teacher at College of the Canyons but his role is an important part of the MEA program. Karlen works at the equipment cage and…

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Spotlight: Dr. Deanna Davis

Dr. Deanna Davis is an accomplished English teacher with an energetic teaching style that engages her students in all levels of thought. She teaches at College of the Canyons. After…

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Spotlight: Larry Hurst

Larry Hurst is the director of the Art Gallery at the College of the Canyons. Hurst came in as an independent contractor to help build the building. The previous art…

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Spotlight: Max Keller

Max Keller, 24, is a lot like your average 20-something. He goes to the movies, hangs out with friends at the local bar, and even goes to Disneyland every now…

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David Stears

College of the Canyons instructor David Stears has more to his life than just being one of the school’s theater program instructors.

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Gerard Burkhart

Gerard Burkhart, a photojournalist whose work was published in Newsweek, U.S News, World Report, USA Today, Washington Post, People, Der Spiegel, gave Cougar News an exclusive interview about himself, his photojournalism career, and what inspired him to come to teach to College of the Canyons.

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Spotlight: Dr. Deems Morrione

Cougar News’ Anthony Ponti interviews College of the Canyons Political Science professor Dr. Deems Morrione. Covering a debated topic of gay rights within the government; specifically in the political science…

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Spotlight: Lee Hilliard

Lee Hilliard is the Department Chair for the Computer Networking and Electronics Program of College of the Canyons. Hilliard began his tenure as a COC employee in the spring of…

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Alan Ocampo

Imagine this, getting up early in the morning. Having to get the College of the Canyon before 10 in the morning at the equipment room on the 3rd floor at Mentry Hall.

Then it becomes your duty to watch high-tech gear like cameras, sound recorders, and lighting, only later to check them out to students and make sure that they will be returned safely.

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Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson is COC’s Artistic Director, Performing Arts Director, and part of the Choral Department.
Since 1990 Professor Lawson has graced COC’s campus with her musical gifts.

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Gayle Freund

Gayle Freund encourages anybody to follow his or her dream, and states, “there isn’t anything stopping you!”