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Feature / by Katherine Carmichael -

COC boasts top Model UN team

By Katherine Carmichael Most students who come to class late discreetly walk to their desk, their classmates acting as if nothing happened. One classroom, however, erupts into applause when a…

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COC holds scholarship awards ceremony

  COC students gathered Wednesday for an awards ceremony granting departing students scholarship awards. Families, friends and even faculty came out in support, with the scholarships varying in different categories…

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Spotlight: Ethan Espinosa

“It communicates to the customers that are waiting in line, that we care. Their drink is getting to them as soon as possible.” Ethan recently received his masters’ degree in business management from the Masters’ University. He has been managing the Kiosk ever since.

Spotlight / by Domenico Riso -

Spotlight: Vincenzo’s Pizza

Vincenzo’s has sought to produce the most authentic pizza around ever since it opened its doors in 1979. The pizzeria has become an iconic Santa Clarita restaurant, priding itself on…

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Spotlight: 661 Skate

It’s rare to see a college student owning their own business, even more so a female college student owning a skate shop. Sarah Ross, 661 Skate owner and a College…

Spotlight / by Adaolisa Okafor -

The Job and Career Center

If you’re still trying to figure out which career path is right for you, at the Job and Career Center, you can take a career assessment, meet with a career counselor,…

News / by Jamie Broadway -

EOPS can help pay for college

With the cost of higher learning trending upward, the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) office at COC can help offset some of those out of pocket expenses.

Spotlight / by Chelsea Warner -

Spotlight: Nicholas Cogswell

Nicholas Cogswell is a COC student working as the equipment assistant of the New Media department. At 22 years old, Nick is moving towards the completion of an Associate of…

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Spotlight: Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen started working in financial aid in 2001 at California State University Northridge and after exploring many different roles in the department over several years, realized that she wanted to follow this career path more passionately. In 2006 Carmen applied for a financial aid position at College of the Canyons and worked hard again to work up a latter to her current role as adviser.

Feature / by Cougar News Contributor -

The neighboring chair

By Stephanie Ramirez Students who enroll in courses at COC and other schools across the globe usually never worry about the person sitting next to them before class. But once you…

Spotlight / by Nicole Yanover -

Spotlight: DJ Walker

Cougar News reporter, Nikki Yanover sat down with sponsored Val Surf skateboarder, DJ Walker. DJ along with his friends, go to the skatepark often to relax and hang out. From street…

Spotlight / by Stevie Leonard -

Spotlight: Angela Janney

Angela Janney, a COC student and manager at the flash pass offices at Magic Mountain, is keeping jobs in the valley. Angela is making sure students in college, and even…

Spotlight / by Nicole Yanover -

Spotlight: Peter Hepburn

COC Head Librarian, Peter Hepburn sat down with Cougar News reporter, Nikki Yanover to give us an inside look on his contributions to the library, as well as some of his hobbies…

Spotlight / by Ivanna Madueno -

Spotlight: Phillip Lopez

Phillip Lopez is a Ceramics Arts teacher at Golden Valley High School as well as a soccer coach. He has been teaching for 10 years and coaching for 15 years….

Spotlight / by Mary Agustin -

Spotlight: 365 Days

A New Years Resolution became an everyday life style. Anthony Garcia, a student at College of the Canyons who’s interest is photography, went above and beyond by setting a personal challenge to…

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Spotlight: Michael Hamilton

After suffering a rotator cuff tear in his right shoulder, Santa Clarita native Michael Hamilton decided to change his dream of pursuing pro-baseball for becoming a deputy in the Sheriff’s…

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Spotlight: Alan Ferdman

It took the joining of a motorcycle-racing club for Alan Ferdman to move to the Santa Clarita Valley, but it was the people and community that have kept him here for 49 years.