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COC holds active shooter drill

The College of the Canyons campuses held a synchronized Shelter in Place Drill to help prepare students and faculty for a possible active shooter on campus. Held in May, the…

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COC Poetry Event

COC Book Club the “Shelfish Ones” just held their first poetry event to celebrate national poetry month. Students are encouraged to share their favorite poems and the poems they wrote….

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Dealing with finals

It has come once again. Finals week. Procrastination becomes everyone’s best friend, and tensions run high. The TLC is a hotspot for students desperate for help on their final projects…

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Epilogue of a Mass Shooting

A discussion held by COC’s Institute of Ethics Law and Public Pollicy dove into the topics of mental health, post traumatic stress disorder, and the lasting effects of mass shootings….

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Who is Generation Z?

We hear plenty of talk about millennials, but another group is boldly entering into the generation conversation: Generation Z. College of the Canyons invited Dr. Corey Seemiller, a sociology professor,…

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King Arthur at The Main

Journeying back into a story book we take part in Olive Branch Theatricals’ “King Arthur” presented at The Main Theater in Newhall. The story of Arthur Bonkers battling through trial…

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Castaic skate park grand opening

Students, skaters and eager community members gathered in late February, for the grand opening of Castaic’s first ever skate park. In 2015 a father and son advocated for a local…