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Chipotle: Pioneer to saving Mother Earth

This is a major feat for the company, as 88 percent of the world’s corn supply is genetically engineered. The types of GMM (genetically modified maize) can range from corn that is grown to be resistant to certain pesticides to survive through the use of harsh chemicals, to corn that naturally breeds insecticides to ward off the crop-killing bugs.

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Shopping made easy at the Valencia Town Center

Due to lack of a standard sizing between top clothing manufacturers, consumers end up owning a wide range of clothes sizes depending on the brand. Me-Ality claims to eliminate the need to try on hundreds of different sizes and styles of pants with its new Me-Ality Sizing Station.

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Walk Up Flu Clinic

The City of Santa Clarita, the L.A. County Department of Public Health, College of the Canyons and the L.A. County Sheriff’s department will be conducting a community flu immunization Point of Dispensing (POD) on Friday Nov. 4, 2011.