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A father’s dream realized in local artist

“How is a successful artist born? What are the circumstances that surround their creative development and growth? What does it take to become a successful artist in today’s world?”

Weistling answers all those questions and more in a compelling interview involving Nazi’s, a POW camp and a little western comic-strip.

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International Poetry reading at COC

On the 20’th of November, the Language department set up their fourth international poetry reading. Students from all around College of the Canyons had performed poetry readings in languages anywhere from German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Even languages not offered on campus were present such as Portuguese, Russian and American Sign language.The poetic exchange was an important event that brought students, teachers and guests closer to the sounds that bond men and women in different countries. This cultural experience was part of a week long International education week. The International education week was designed to give students the opportunity to get enculturated by the people and cultures found in and around Santa Clarita.

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Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night celebrated the Performing Arts Center’s 10 year anniversary. Contestants had five minutes to show off their best act. Singing wasn’t the only option for Open Mic Night…