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Tigran Martirosyan

Tigran Martirosyan is a broadcast-journalist, aspiring to be an on-air affiliate reporter, anchor, and broadcaster, that is currently a broadcast and print journalist for Cougar News (College of the Canyons), and the Santa Clarita Valley. By fall of 2014, he will enroll into Cal State University of Northridge, and become a member of Valley View News. Throughout his time at College of the Canyons, Tigran has interned for various stations such as, KABC-TV, ESPN Los Angeles, and SCVTV. Following his internships, he worked as a production assistant at KABC-TV, and is currently a producer, editor, and reporter at Yokal Sports Los Angeles. Prior to graduating CSUN, he will seek yet another production assistant position, and find employment at a major network affiliate after receiving his Bachelors in Broadcast-Journalism & Business.

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A pair of unexpected acts

At one point or another, we’ve all lost something that is valuable to us, and if we’re lucky, we find a way to replace it. For 13 year-old Hunter Ventress, that valuable something was a brand new baseball glove.

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The Shoe Crew

It’s rare to find individuals who place the needs of other before their own. It’s even more rare when those individuals are high school and college students. Siblings Kayla and Justin Tinucci are founders of a foundation known as The Shoe Crew, a foundation that has benefited the lives of thousands of children that are considered to be less fortunate.

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CHP cracks down on distracted driving

According to, in 2012, 3,328 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving, and 421,000 were injured. With the constant advancement of technology and connecting ourselves to the…

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Behind in the Count

In statistics, we are taught that numbers tell a story, and those numbers tell it like it is, because numbers never lie. However, sometimes the numbers on the surface don’t…

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I-405 remains under construction

The completion date for the Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project’s were set for fall 2013. It is now winter of 2013, and and LA residents still find themselves detouring through city…

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Breaking Boundaries

Jenna Mears isn’t the first female to play football, and she certainly won’t be the last, but her story travels beyond being a female football player. She’s also plays varsity…

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No warning?

Baseball isn’t considered a violent sport, but some of its injuries can still be quite gruesome, and when you lack certain support that can prevent those injuries, there may be a…

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Inside Look at COC Basketball

COC lost 9 games in 2011 and missed the playoffs, so expectations of a state championship this season may seem unrealistic. However with this amount of talent, anything is in range.