Author: Skylar Barti

Skylar Barti

Copy Editor

Skylar is currently a student at College of the Canyons, and a Senior Producer for Cougar News. He specializes in Politics and Video Game related news.

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Homeless Shelter to open year round

Santa Clarita homeless will be gaining a year round shelter after a city council meeting late this month. In a unanimous decision the Santa Clarita city council approved Tuesday night…

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The Rise of ESports

Video games have changed media drastically since the days of Pong, today those changes have pulled video games and sports together to make eSports. While not something entirely new, eSports…

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Santa Clarita 2020

Santa Clarita City Council’s new five-year plan is finally being detailed in Santa Clarita 2020, which the Council says they hope is the perfect vision for the city. The plan,…

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Microsoft pins hopes on Windows 10

Windows 10, the upcoming version of Microsoft’s operating system, is the company’s new hope to remove itself from the shadow of Windows 8. The new OS seeks to improve where its latest predecessor…