Author: Samantha Joson

Opinion / by Samantha Joson -

Should we keep the Electoral College?

By Sam Joson After Donald Trump’s seemingly unexpected victory this past presidential election, many have brought up some harsh criticisms of the Electoral College. To summarize, every state has a…

Business / by Samantha Joson -

The new Silicon Valley

By Sam Joson Imagine this. A lively, six-year-old boy shows his budding entrepreneurial ambitions by trying to run a business selling watercolor paints to his parents. Seeing as his customer…

Entertainment / by Samantha Joson -

Who Is Sammy Clarita?

A new resident has joined us here in Santa Clarita, and his name’s Sammy. Sammy Clarita. Sammy joins us as part of the city’s 30th anniversary celebration. The little stuffed…