Author: Mosheh A. Milon Staff Writer

Mosheh A. Milon Staff Writer

Mosheh A Milon has been a photo journalist and writer since his days at Berkeley High School in the Bay Area. During his up bringing through out high school he was drawn to writing and photography has always had a way with words and an eye for visuals. Most of his early stories spawn from his love for music which eventually made him a song writer. English class was a developing ground for his skills as a writer. His imagination paired with his attention to detail kept him at the top of his class as one of the most accomplished writers in the entire school. His visual interest came when he was in rolled in a photography class where he learned how to shoot, develop and print photos using film. Since then he has mastered the art of digital photography and become professional with an eye for the camera while traveling from various countries and capturing captivating visuals for the minds imagination. The more he writes the better he gets and he quotes " I have a long long way to go and I'm still learning everyday". His new challenge is in motion picture and finding new ways to produce compelling content in Film, Photography, and Music.