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Halo Reaches New Heights in Latest Release

Halo is one of the most beloved video game franchises of this generation. The first game in the series was released almost ten years ago. Two and a half games, millions of dollars in merchandise, comics, books and music later, Halo is just as much of a household name to college students as Star Wars was to youth in the 70’s.

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Service Academy Night At COC

The best and the brightest students in Santa Clarita have the opportunity to go to military academies such as West Point and Annapolis. That’s why Congressman Buck Mckeon held a service academy night at the COC University Center.

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9/11: Nine Years Later

And once again we come upon 9/11. It is a day remembered as when 19 people got out of bed one morning and killed 3,000 of our fellow Americans. Americans of every race, creed, and background were afflicted by the attacks, and still are to this day.