Measles outbreak prompts awareness from COC nurse

by Teruko Morishita 704 views0

The Measles outbreak has been rampaging in 2019, with over 880 cases reported in the country.

Aubrey Bergdofer from COC’s Campus Health & Wellness Center sheds some knowledge on what students should do to prevent the spread of measles, stating that “vaccinations are necessary to stop the spread.”

Dr. Lawrence from Henry Mayo explains that young people are at the highest risk of contracting measles.

“It is important to stay alert for the signs of measles,” Dr. Lawrence states. “[Look for] the three C’s: cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis.”

The MMR vaccination provides a remedy to those who may be contracting measles.

“With the growing number of measles cases throughout the U.S., herd immunity [needs to] dominate the country,” Lawrence states.

Students should take the necessary precautions to stay healthy as the semester goes on and receive their vaccinations at the Campus Health & Wellness Center.


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